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Barrier-free travel from A to Z
Exterior view of Bremen Art Gallery with reflection on the lake in an evening setting
Three horse riders in the Münsterland countryside
The backdrop for the Cathedral Steps festival plays with elaborate stage design and impressive colours, and Erfurt Cathedral in the background
Group of visitors with walking canes and a tour guide at the Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt
Model cars made of wood in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart
Visitor with camera by the chalk coast in Jasmund National Park on Rügen island
Wheelchair users abseiling from the TEAM tower at 'Filu' high ropes course.
Man and woman leaning over a display cabinet in an exhibition room containing bird representations, with more people in the background
Exterior view of the town hall in Wernigerode
Alpine panorama in Oberstdorf
Girls wearing climbing equipment on the high ropes course at Senapolis indoor leisure park
Visitor with audio guide viewing an exhibit at Arche Nebra
Blind person with a Smartphone using the Cityguide of Soest app at a bus stop with moving bus in the background
Cruise boat at the lakeside. Two men push a man and a woman in wheelchairs along an uphill path, with two children alongside them.
Two wheelchair users and three other people relaxing in the sun on a park bench in egapark Erfurt
View from the wide pedestrian bridge of the pile dwellings on Lake Constance
A hand biker enjoying a panoramic view of the alpine landscape around Lake Chiemsee
Völklingen Ironworks: a tangle of steel and blast furnaces
Square with tables and benches on the banks of the Main river with a view of the Frankfurt skyline
Women during a guided tour in sign language in front of the Merchants' Bridge in Erfurt

Experience Germany without barriers.

Magnificent mountain panoramas, fascinating highlands and wide coastlines, natural conservation areas and pulsating metropolises, historical dwellings, world-renowned cultural institutions and distinguished events – each year all these attract more and more visitors to Germany from all over the world.

To make the diverse richness of Destination Germany available to everyone, a multitude of continually evolving projects have been initiated over recent years with the aim of providing accessible tourism opportunities.

Accessibility is multifaceted and affects very different visitor groups: people with temporary mobility restrictions, families with pushchairs and pregnant women can all benefit, as can permanently physically disabled people who may require a wheelchair or be partially or fully blind or deaf. Plus, with changing demographics, an increasing number of senior citizens are enjoying frequent use of accessible amenities. Over the following pages you will find attractive travel destinations throughout Germany that have been selected for their exemplary accessibility. Let yourself be inspired to enjoy a barrier-free holiday in Germany's towns and regions.