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Altes Theater Heilbronn: small venue with big stars

The Altes Theater, an independent, non-subsidised, private theatre in the Baden-Württemberg town of Heilbronnprovides the perfect setting for intimate shows that offer top-rate entertainment. The theatre's reputation has spread far and wide from this corner of Baden-Württemberg, and it also boasts a hotel and restaurant, making this a wonderful place for an evening of culture, entertainment and fine dining.

The Altes Theater aims to facilitate authentic encounters between performers and audiences, between art and society, in an intimate space. And it achieves this with great success, welcoming German and international artists as well as newcomers from a variety of theatrical genres onto its stage. The theatre's broad repertoire – a fantastic blend of cabaret and comedy, of theatre productions, concerts, the spoken word and literature – and performers including Angelika Milster, Roger Willemsen, Dieter Hildebrandt, Django Asül, Tom Astor, Bernd Stelter, Rick Kavanian, Rolf Miller, Christoph Sonntag, Jule Neigel, Uwe Ochsenknecht and many more, make this the perfect venue for an unforgettable evening. And why not round things off in style with a visit to the inhouse restaurant? Open not only during evening performances, it also caters for corporate events, weddings, conferences or simply a romantic dinner under the stars. And if the evening lasts a little longer than planned, you will receive a warm welcome in the adjacent hotel, offering rooms with individual art deco furnishings and a breakfast room styled on a traditional Viennese coffee house.

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