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Bad Wiessee – the perfect health and wellness destination

On the very edge of the Alps in Bavaria there lies a holiday region bursting with a charm: the Tegernsee Valley. Bad Wiessee, located right at its heart, offers top-rate medical care drawing on the natural iodine-sulphur springs.

You and your well-being benefit from optimum natural conditions and the latest research into health and wellness. Visitors to the resort can make the most of an array of health treatment facilities, sanatoria and internationally renowned clinics staffed by expert doctors and therapists. Bad Wiessee's pride and joy – the iodine-sulphur spring – works its natural healing magic in a number of ways: in the circulation tub or the spray pool, through inhalation or by bathing one's eyes. Whatever the application, patients with rheumatism, respiratory and circulatory diseases as well as skin and eye complaints can find relief. Visitors seeking specific help or just relaxation can experience the preventative effects – not to mention the sheer release of tension – brought about by bathing in the iodine-sulphur baths. Bade Park Bad Wiessee, the resort's huge sauna and bathing complex with its four inside and outside pools, is the perfect place for young and old to relax and enjoy themselves. It offers everything from a waterfall pool and springwater whirpool to Kneipp hydrotherapy. For health-conscious holidaymakers, the mountain air of Lake Tegernsee is the icing on the cake, with the region's therapeutic climatic conditions providing particular relief to those suffering from allergies or sensitivities to pollen and dust mites. Visitors to the resort's golf club will be thrilled by one of the most challenging courses in Upper Bavaria.

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