Mannheim: water garden in the Water Tower Park (Parkanlage am Wasserturm)
Mannheim: water garden in the Water Tower Park (Parkanlage am Wasserturm) ©DZT (Krüger, Torsten)

Eastward bound in a whirlwind of historical romance– the Castle Road

One castle after another, and another and then another – the 1,200km, fully signed Castle Route running from Mannheim to the golden city of Prague certainly lives up to its name.

The route plunges visitors straight into the Middle Ages, leading them from one castle to the next, from pinnacle to pinnacle – and always on the trail of emperors, kings and princes, knights, Count Palatines and romance. Some 70 castles, palaces and stately homes line the Castle Road like a string of pearls, offering themselves up as impressive monuments to the past. At the same time, medieval towns, abbeys, sacred and secular architecture from a huge variety of historical eras, plus innumerable cultural treasures along the route, ensure that any trip on the Castle Road is a vivid experience. This route is virtually unsurpassed, not only in terms of architectural sights, but also as regards hospitality. Visitors can take in period costume performances at festivals in authentic surroundings, visit medieval markets and secluded castle courtyards, go on ghost tours, dine at medieval banquets or sample historical recipes within ancient castle walls. Sports enthusiasts will be pleased to know that this route – a bubbling wellspring of fairy tales, sagas, myths and legends with its many castles and palaces – is a designated cycle trail. The Castle Road also has plenty of activities for kids.

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