The far north of Germany – a taste of pleasure. The Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route

If you love cheese, the area between the North Sea and the Baltic is the perfect destination. It's a real foodie heaven where you can enjoy unspoilt nature and indulge your taste buds on the Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route, which runs for approximately 500km.

This is a region framed by the sea, the constant ebb and flow of the tides, beaches, coastal wetlands, dykes and islands, not to mention magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Against this backdrop, the wind and the cry of seagulls, you'll find the Cheese Route. The narrow, flat land to the right and left of the Kiel Canal is a familiar scene with lighthouses, trees bent in the wind, thatched cottages, Frisian cows and sheep grazing in lush pastures. But what few people realise is that the milk from these animals is used to produce more than 120 varieties of cheese and that Schleswig-Holstein is a traditional cheese-making area whose speciality cheeses are still a real insider's tip. The Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route connects around 30 dairies across the whole region where passionate cheese experts lovingly produce cheese in the traditional way and in never-ending variety: delectably mild, full of tangy flavour or mildly aromatic, from cow's milk, sheep's milk or goat's milk. Although you can buy direct from many dairies, watch the cheese being made and enjoy a tasting, this is not the case everywhere because of strict hygiene regulations. If you'd like to look around a cheese dairy, it's best to make an appointment in advance. All along the Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route there are grand country estates, fine manor houses, baroque-style stately homes, brick Gothic buildings, beautiful churches and many museums, so it really pays to spend several days discovering it by bike.

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