Edersee Forest Walk - Up hill and down dale around 27km-long Lake Edersee

The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park contains the last remaining sizeable area of ancient beech forest in central Europe, which makes the Edersee Forest Walk one of the most scenic hikes north of the Alps.

This trail along the steep slopes around Lake Edersee is both spectacular and dramatic. With 68 kilometres to walk and a total climb of 3,800 metres, you can expect wild, unspoilt nature at every turn. And it’s not unusual to have to negotiate rock boulders or fallen trees. The breathtaking lake and forest views make this circular tour an unforgettable experience. Those who don’t want to walk the entire trail can take a scenic shortcut across the lake on a ferry or boat. There are several landing stages for this along the route. An unusual two-man cable car transports walkers from Lake Edersee up to mighty Waldeck Castle, and every hour a funicular railway climbs 300 metres to the Petersberg reservoir used by the underground power station. Many other tourist sights and leisure attractions are within easy reach of the trail.

Tip: 100 years of the Edersee Dam (1914-2014)

The mighty Edersee Dam was built between 1908 and 1914. At 400 metres in length and 47 metres in height, it is one of the largest dams in Europe and a must-see attraction for people walking this route. Guided tours of the dam can be booked through Edersee Touristic.

At a glance:

  • Starts/Ends: Bringhausen or any other town/village on Lake Edersee
  • Length: 68km
  • Number of stages: 3 - 6
  • Altitude variation: ascent 3,800m, descent 3,800m
  • Terrain: 75% unmade, 7% asphalt, 18% other, e.g. farm tracks

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