• Grashoffs Bistro
    Grashoffs Bistro ©B. Grashoff Nachf. GmbH
  • ©Natusch Fischereihafen-Restaurant
  • ©Topaz Bremen
  • Park Restaurant
    Park Restaurant ©Park Hotel Bremen


The combination of rural surroundings and proximity to the sea are at the heart of traditional Bremen fare. From the fresh fish in Bremerhaven's Fishereihafen and the Hanseatic cuisine in Bremen's old quarter through to the modern fusion bistros, every type of food imaginable can be savoured in Germany's smallest state.
Grashoffs Bistro
Grashoffs Bistro in Bremen

Food was first served in the spirits department of the Grashoff store in 1968, when it was still on Sögestrasse. As this unusual place to eat became more popular and the food more elaborate, Grashoffs Bistro quickly became established. The regional and French cuisine here has always been open to mediterranean and Asian influences, and this has led to some truly great Grashoff classics.

Natusch harbourside restaurant in Bremerhaven

The restaurant, set in the historical part of Bremerhaven's fishing harbour, is known far and wide for its seafood and fish delicacies. Considered one of Germany's finest restaurants, Natusch boasts many regulars from the worlds of politics, industry and showbusiness, as well as seafarers, tourists and of course locals, which makes for an eclectic mix of diners. The restaurant has several dining rooms in maritime decor as well as a beautiful sun terrace.

Topaz wine bistro in Bremen

Deep in the heart of Bremen – inside the Kontorhaus on the market square near the UNESCO World Heritage town hall and Roland statue – lies Topaz, a popular rendezvous for lovers of fine food. The decor is reminiscent of traditional French gourmet bistros and the menu always delights with new dishes made using fresh seasonal ingredients and inspired by Asian and French cuisine. Topaz is also a destination for wine connoisseurs. The bistro sources over 250 varieties, some of which it imports directly, mainly from different regions of France.

Park Restaurant
Park Restaurant in Bremen

The Dorint Park Hotel Bremen retains its royal estate charm and perfectly blends the city and the country. In the historical ambience of the Park Restaurant, head chef Jeffrey Hoogstraaten indulges his guests with compositions based on carefully selected ingredients.

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