Landmarks of wine culture

As its famous monasteries, deep cellars, old vineyard sites and countless stories testify, Germany's great tradition of winemaking started with the ancient Romans. Discover treasures such as the oldest wine in the world, Götz von Berlichingen's vineyard, the world's biggest wine barrel and many more highlights of wine culture.
Piesport wine press: where the Romans trod grapes

The biggest Roman wine press north of the Alps, where the Romans trod the grapes to make Moselle wines, was discovered in 1985 during a vineyard restructuring scheme. The fourth century site, which measures 44 by 20 metres, came to light at the foot of the famously steep Piesporter Goldtröpfchen vineyard.

Bopparder Hamm: the biggest Rhine loop

Bopparder Hamm, the name of the biggest loop in the river is also the largest single area under vine in the Middle Rhine. 'Hamm' is thought to derive from the Latin word hamus, which means something like 'hook' and alludes to the S-bend in the river Rhine. Around 600,000 litres of wine are produced here per year – almost all of it riesling.

Bacharach, centre of the wine trade and home of Bacchus

This town takes its name from Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. The name Bacharach is said to be derived from the Celtic word Baccaracum meaning 'farm of Bacchus' or from the Latin Bacchi ara or 'altar of Bacchus'. Wine heritage dominates the townscape and is reflected in the numerous old timber-framed houses around the market square.

Wine and stone: where art and wine go hand in hand

The Wine and Stone trail in Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse combines wine and art in a remarkable way by illustrating the cultural history of wine in works of art. The 6.9km trail links a total of 70 exhibits on the theme of wine-making – which must be a European record. You can spend days here, and still learn something new.

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