Explore natural UNESCO sites, Luther's Eisenach and more this August 
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Dresden: View of the City © Keute, Jochen
This month learn all about spiritual travel in Germany celebrate the upcoming Reformation Anniversary in Lutherstadt Eisenach with its special exhibitions or discover our synagogues that cater to a vibrant Jewish community. Along the way, make time to explore a castle (or two) and enjoy gorgeous landscapes of our Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. See you in Germany!
Lichtenstein Castle © Jürgen Pollak
Castles of Germany
Neuschwanstein may be perhaps the most famous German castle, but there are certainly more to admire! Take Lichtenstein Castle, a beautiful example standing atop a rock spur 2,600 feet above the Swabian Alps. It’s a Württembergian national monument and was also the film location for the 2009 Brother’s Grimm-inspired movie, Sleeping Beauty.
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Loreley at the river Rhine © DZT
Natural UNESCO Sites
Yes, castles, our romantic old towns and vibrant cities impress, but Germans love nature and you'll be surprised by the diversity of our landscapes. Find gorgeous, green spaces all over, such as the Wilhelmshöhe Park in the city of Kassel or the Upper Middle Rhine Valley – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We’ve compiled more together with iexplore.com
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Island of Sylt © Jens Koenig
Image of the Month
At either the North or Baltic seas, with sand between the toes, a fresh salty breeze and the sky above, our beaches are far away from everyday life and offer relaxation and beautiful scenery. Enjoy a weekend at our coastline and share your own images of Germany with #germanytourism.
© DZT/Jochen Keute
Stunning Synagogues
Approximately 130 synagogues are spread throughout Germany. Some are new, some were rebuilt, while others were beautifully restored. From new synagogues to old, Moorish to contemporary architecture, you’ll see the diversity and splendor that has revived our Jewish community. We’ve worked with Forward.com to highlight a few waiting to be visited.
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Wartburg Castle © Christof Herdt
Luther Focus: Eisenach
The small town of Eisenach, in Thuringia, is home to the Wartburg Castle and therefore is regarded to be one of the most important Luther Sites. The museum, based in the castle is currently hosting a special exhibition titled, “Luther and the Germans”. It runs until November 5, 2017 and can be experienced with an audio guide. 
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