UNESCO sites, Luther celebrations and mountainous routes.
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With September coming to an end and fall finally here, discover Germany's Industrial Heritage or, further south, some amazing routes through the Alps. At its foothills, Bavaria's trendy capital Munich offers amazing shopping, design and luxurious hotels for every city traveler. Last, but not least, we are approaching the peak of Luther celebrations in October with events across the country. See you in Germany!
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Industrial UNESCO Sites
Get a hands-on history lesson at 3 outstanding UNESCO World Heritage sites along the German part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. Discover the Völklingen Ironworks in the Saarland, the Rammelberg mines near Goslar or the world’s largest and most modern coal producing facility in Essen. You can learn more on iExplore.com!
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Alpine Adventures
The Alps are one of the most visited and beloved German regions. Its picturesque villages and bustling cities do not only offer amazing views, but also have first-class restaurants and outstanding shopping opportunities. Furthermore, you are never far from mountainous adventures and stunning nature. Visit our website for more on great Alpine destinations.
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Image of the Month
The original inhabitants of Europe: Unspoiled lowland beech forests are found nowhere else in the world but in Germany. The ancient Beech Forests of Germany are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer a fascinating, romantic and incredibly diverse picture of the original European landscapes. 
©DZT/Thomas Klinger
Munich: City of Lifestyle
Bavarian culture? Check. Regional and international cuisine? Yes. Luxury hotels? Of course. Whether locals and visitors alike rave about Munich's shopping scene, the big-city, yet relaxed-vibe or all those biergartens, it will be hard to find something you won't like about it. Come explore our city of trends and lifestyle on Tripadvisor!
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Luther celebrations
We’re only 1 month away from the big anniversary! Next month we are celebrating Luther’s 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when he nailed his 95 thesis on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. Join us for great events and celebrate with us!
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©Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg
New Body Worlds Museum
Where does happiness live? The new BODY WORLDS museum in Heidelberg is not only dedicated to the fascinating inner of the human body, but also deals extensively with the anatomy of happiness.
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