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  • German Youth Hostel Association: the world’s largest network of youth hostels
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German Youth Hostel Association: the world’s largest network of youth hostels

Company Profile

A large community – Youth hostels in Germany
The youth hostel – This is an idea "made in Germany". This is the most extensive network of youth hostels in the world: the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) comprises 513 attractive properties. Many of them are in absolute dream locations of which many hotels would be envious. We can be found in palaces, castles and in buildings protected as national monuments. We occupy well-exposed locations in large cities, on major rivers, on the coasts and in the Alps. Each youth hostel offers something special: this can be the high ropes course, a canoe tour or survival training or also

a relaxing massage or a trip to the sauna. But most importantly: at youth hostels guests experience a real sense of community.

Out hostels are open to everyone. They are the meeting places for people from all over the world - for single persons, groups, young people, seniors, families, school classes, kindergartens, sports associations. The members of the DJH are a part of an international network: in 90 countries worldwide, in 4,000 youth hostels you can experience the unique community across all borders. The principle of openness and tolerance applies; the love of one’s fellow man and respect are a matter of course. Different temperaments and cultures encounter each other here on a daily basis, have fun together and experience things together. And all of that is at unbeatable prices.

Youth hostels in Germany have a high standard: they have modern, friendly facilities, offer good accommodations and competent service. They are also safe and clean. Wash rooms and toilets offer the largest private sphere possible. The bedrooms and the multi-bed rooms are divided by gender. Almost all youth hostels also have comfortable single rooms as well as double rooms and family rooms. The room price always includes breakfast and bed linen.

Brands / Products / Services

School trips and group tours
Youth hostels are very popular destinations for school trips and youth travel. Many specialise in accommodating such groups and offer dedicated educational programmes on topics such as the arts, sport and the environment. There are 16 environmental youth hostels, which focus on teaching guests about ecological and social issues, for example. Another 400 have specialised as sports youth hostels.

Conferences and events
Separate rooms are available for holding seminars and conferences.

Family holidays
Youth hostels are also ideal for families, and there are plenty of opportunities for children to meet others their own age. Many hostels have also set up special children's programmes. There are more than 100 designated family hostels, which have family rooms with a wash basin or en-suite bathroom and offer children's menus, children's beds and high chairs.

Barrier-free travel
Many hostels cater for the requirements of people with disabilities. They are listed on the website. All new hostels are designed to be barrier-free and fully wheelchair-accessible, ensuring a welcoming stay for everyone.


Youth hostels – The perfect place for groups
Are you planning a conference or a seminar? Are you still looking for the most suitable travel destination for your sports or music group? Youth hostels are ideal for inspiring group meetings. Here we have the best conditions to allow you to concentrate on what matters, get off the beaten path and to develop new things. This simple way of being together releases your creativity and promotes a real enjoyment of what you are doing. We are happy to take performance pressure out of the equation - the only thing on the agenda is a zest for life. This also applies to sports: many youth hostels off er an extensive range of sports activities which was developed in conjunction with communities and sports associations. Here training can be in a relaxed atmosphere. Choirs and music groups which want to get creative like to use youth hostels for their rehearsal weekends. Information in the “Conference Facilities” [Tagungshäuser] or “Travel for Groups” [Reisen für Gruppen] at

Excellent quality
All of the youth hostels always off er their guests the highest quality. The majority of hostels work on the basis of quality management systems which have been implemented; many also have a certified profile.

Barrier-free Travel

Mobile with a disability
Germany's youth hostels are an experience for everyone - without exception. All people who have mobility limitations will find attractive vacation opportunities with us. All newer youth hostels are generally wheel-chair accessible. For older hostels: it is best if you inquire in advance at the youth hostel of your choice about the facilities and equipment. For group stays, we recommend that you come and view the hostel in advance. With an advanced search at or you can find offers "suitable for people who are wheel chair-bound".

Price Conditions

A strong community
In order to be able to take advantage of the complete range of services of the youth hostels in Germany, we recommend becoming a member of the Youth Hostel of your own country. Because it is worth it: there are many advantages and benefits when travelling worldwide for members. As foreign guest you can also spend the night with us for a minimal fee even without an international membership card. You then receive a “welcome stamp” for each overnight stay. When you have collected six “welcome stamps”, you will automatically receive a membership card and are then are a part of our strong community.

Queries, booking, reservations
A reservation guarantees you accommodations in the youth hostel. And here’s how it works:

  • You can make a reservation worldwide at
  • To search for German youth hostels, you can also use Direct reservations can be made by fax, phone or e-mail.
  • You can spend the night with us starting at 15 €, including breakfast and bed linen.
  • The youth hostels are generally open the entire year round. Just inquire with the youth hostel of your choice.
  • We cook for you! In some youth hostels there are guest kitchens where you can prepare your food yourself.
  • Usually our guests spend the night in multi-bed rooms with other people (separated by gender) However, almost all youth hostels also offer single rooms, double rooms and family rooms.
  • Showers and restrooms are separated for men and women.

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German Youth Hostel Association (DJH)

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Something you can rely on!
For 100 years now, Youth Hostels have represented values that enrich life. For all those who go through life openminded. Who want to experience togetherness, and are eager to get to know the world and other people. Brave – or even adventurous at times. Because confident young people don’t need a corset, they have a backbone of their own. The only time they will twist and bend is for sports, or with laughter. Which is something worth envying. Something precious.