• Port Anniversary, Hamburg
    Port Anniversary, Hamburg ©www.mediaserver.hamburg.de (Christian Spahrbier)
  • Stuttgart Wine Festival, Stuttgart / Hamburg
    Stuttgart Wine Festival, Stuttgart / Hamburg ©Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
  • Highlights of the Rhineland Carnival, Düsseldorf
    Highlights of the Rhineland Carnival, Düsseldorf © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
  • Biggest Funfair on the Rhine, Düsseldorf
    Biggest Funfair on the Rhine, Düsseldorf ©Düsseldorf Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (U. Otte)
  • Wismar Sweden Festival
    Wismar Sweden Festival ©Presse Hansestadt Wismar
  • New Year's Eve in Berlin
    New Year's Eve in Berlin ©Scholvien
  • Hamburg Cruise Days
    Hamburg Cruise Days ©Christian Spahrbier
  • Schützenfest fair in Hannover
    Schützenfest fair in Hannover ©Hannover Marketing und Tourismus Gesellschaft (HMTG)
  • Cannstatter Wasen Festival, Stuttgart
    Cannstatter Wasen Festival, Stuttgart ©Thomas Niedermüller
  • Cologne Carnival
    Cologne Carnival © Foto Oliver Franke/Tourismus NRW e.V.
  • Festival of Lights, Leipzig
    Festival of Lights, Leipzig ©LTM/Punctum
  • Freimarkt, Bremen
    Freimarkt, Bremen ©BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale
  • Mainz Carnival
    Mainz Carnival ©Landeshauptstadt Mainz – Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Onion Fair, Weimar
    Onion Fair, Weimar ©Weimar GmbH
  • Hanse Sail regatta, Rostock
    Hanse Sail regatta, Rostock ©Archiv Hanse Sail Rostock
  • Tree Blossom Festival, Werder
    Tree Blossom Festival, Werder ©www.werder-havel.de
  • Oktoberfest, Munich
    Oktoberfest, Munich ©Frank Bauer
  • Potsdam Erlebnisnacht festival
    Potsdam Erlebnisnacht festival ©Potsdam mittendrin e.V. (Olaf Dettmann)
  • DOM funfair, Hamburg
    DOM funfair, Hamburg ©Frank Scymanska
  • Carnival of Cultures 2012, Berlin
    Carnival of Cultures 2012, Berlin ©Daniela Incoronato

Най-веселата страна
на хубавите традиции:
Народните празненства в Германия

Германия предлага голямо разнообразие от празненства – като започнем с карнавала на р. Рейн, националните, градските, панаирните празненства и празниците на виното до двете най-големи народни празненства в света. Много от тях са с дълга традиция и са най-доброто доказателство затова как историята може да бъде актуална.

Boasting Germany's biggest wine procession, the German Grape Harvest Festival in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is the highpoint of the German wine festival season. As well as marvelling at the parade, you can witness the election and coronation of the Palatinate and German wine queens, sample offerings from Germany's thirteen wine growing regions at the German Wine and Sekt Fair, and enjoy wine and delicious Palatinate food in the Haiselscher, the festival's own wine village. There's also a wonderful funfair with lots of fairground rides.

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Every year on 21 February, bonfires are lit all along Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast . – on the mainland, the islands and the Hallig islets – to drive away the winter in accordance with an ancient Frisian custom. There's much singing, dancing and drinking, then once the fires have died down, everyone heads to the inns and taverns to celebrate with a meal of curly kale, which may not be an ancient custom – but is definitely warming and delicious!

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