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Karlsruhe. Heart of Europe's Silicon Valley.

The city in the Baden region of Germany has an impressive record in three areas: energy + the environment, medicine + healthcare and technology + innovation. A close-knit network of universities, research establishments and high-tech companies make Karlsruhe an outstanding centre of innovation. The KarIsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is as much a household name for researchers as the Cyberforum is for IT experts.

Competent in energy + the environment: Karlsruhe is the model city for the state of Baden-Württemberg in the area of carbon neutrality, a member of the European Climate Alliance and active in the EU Covenant of Mayors for sustainable energy. EnBW, one of Germany's largest energy providers, has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. KIT is one of the leading scientific institutes in the area of climate and energy research and education and is also developing new energy concepts for the future in automotive applications and batteries.

Karlsruhe also offers a healthy mix in the medicine + healthcare sector. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, the largest location for pharmaceutical and medical technology in Germany and the second largest in biotechnology, the Karlsruhe region is one of the major centres of technology and headquarters of many companies in the sector; there is a particularly high concentration of manufacturers and suppliers in the area of medical-technical systems. Karlsruhe also hosts major regular medical events, which is clearly attributable to its extensive activities in research and education.

The same is true of technology + innovation, particularly in the IT sector. The Karlsruhe region is one of the leading locations for innovation and Europe's third largest IT cluster. Over 3,600 IT companies and technology users with international reputations and approx. 36,000 employees, Europe's largest computing centre and the CyberForum with over 900 members (one of the largest and most successful networks of high-tech entrepreneurs in Germany) impressively underline the capabilities and achievements of the region. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with 8,000 staff is, after all, one of the leading institutions in international IT research.

Trade fairs and congresses such as LEARNTEC, IT Trans and net economy are leading events in the sector and perfectly complete the picture for Europe's Silicon Valley.

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