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Medicine and healthcare
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Medicine and healthcare

Germany has the largest healthcare market in Europe – offering outstanding services in the fields of healthcare, research and teaching.

Healthcare, medical technology and biology form the core of the field of medicine and health, which also covers nutrition and wellness. In some areas there are overlaps with biotechnology. As it has the largest population of any European country, Germany naturally has the continent's largest healthcare market too. The conference opportunities are excellent, not least because of the high standards of quality. These standards are continually maintained through state funding for the research and development of innovative health products in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Benefiting from this 'high-tech strategy' are top locations such as Nuremberg, Bavaria's 'Medical Valley' and Berlin, a venue for important industry events: the annual Capital City Congress of Medicine and Health (around 8,000 attendees) is the foremost conference in the German health sector and the annual DGPPN (around 9,000 attendees) congress is the biggest psychiatric conference in Europe.

Germany has a population of around 82 million and its ageing society means guaranteed growth for the health industry, which is developing as part of a modern healthcare system. Almost all Germans have either statutory (around 89 per cent) or private (9 per cent) health insurance, and medical care is extremely well organised. There are approximately 4.4 million people working in the German healthcare industry, including doctors, engineers, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and pharmacists. Numerous universities specialising in biology, chemistry and medical technology are producing a steady stream of highly qualified graduates.

Centres of expertise for medicine and healthcare:
Berlin, Braunschweig, Dusseldorf, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Münster, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Tegernsee