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DRV Deutscher ReiseVerband e. V.
Schicklerstr. 5 – 7
10179 Berlin

Phone +49 30 28406-0
Fax +49 03 28406-30

Homepage: www.drv.de
Facebook: www.facebook.de/DRVde

German Travel Association (DRV)

DRV is the leading advocacy group for all companies of the travel industry in Germany. It represents tour operators and travel agents of all organisational forms and sizes, service providers and foreign tourist boards vis-à-vis political stakeholders and the business community in Germany and abroad. After the American ASTA and the British ABTA, DRV is the world's third largest tourism industry association. More than 80% of the sales revenues of the German travel agent and tour operator market are generated by members of the association.

DRV is a strong, quality-driven organisation which safeguards the interests of the travel industry with a single voice on a political level and in the public at large in Germany and abroad. Apart from political lobbying in Berlin and Brussels to enforce justified industry interests, the priority goals of the Association include:

  • defending the interests of its members vis-à-vis political stakeholders, the
  • business community and the public at large;
  • supporting its members to increase their profitability;
  • protecting the environment and culture in Germany and abroad.

DRV offers a network for co-operation and exchange within the industry and contributes technical input and contents to different themes of the tourism industry through expert groups, committees and working groups. Members are provided with competent advice by DRV experts to clarify legal issues (for instance concerning travel law, competition law or the review of standard terms and conditions), on all issues relating to initial training and continuing education in the tourism industry as well as up to date market research results and forecasts.

DRV reflects the structure of travel distribution and the tour operator market in Germany. Within the trade association the individual interest groups are spread over five sections and the group of supporting members:

  • small and mid-sized travel agents (Section A)
  • group-based travel agents (Section B)
  • small and mid-sized tour operators (Section C)
  • group-based tour operators (Section D)
  • associated members (Section E, travel companies but no travel agents or tour operators)
  • supporting members

DRV is run by a Presidential Council consisting of DRV President Jürgen Büchy, CFO Axel Duhr and the Vice Presidents of the Sections A to E.