Fit and active. Wellness through exercise

Exercise in the right amounts is an integral element of wellness holidays – and life in general.

The key points are that fun counts for more than ambition and that enjoyment is more important than results.

Many people tend to associate wellness with relaxation, spas and massages. However, if they give it some further thought, they soon realise that physical exercise can make a substantial contribution to well-being. The aim is to become fit in a gentle way, through mental strength and holistic exercises. When combined correctly, these factors will create the ideal balance between activity and relaxation. Being aware of your general well-being and having a strong sense of what does you good will enable you to decide the amount of exercise that is right for you. Consequently, wellness training is about much more than quickly boosting your strength and stamina followed by a trip to the sauna.

People are increasingly using physical exercise, training and sport to counteract the stresses of their working lives and to remain healthy and active. Some do it simply because it makes them feel good. Which brings us back to the wellness aspect: wellness holidays are the ideal time to redefine your relationship with exercise and your own body. There are so many ways to enjoy beneficial, healthy exercise – from walking, golf and cycling to swimming, Pilates and aerobics. Whenever possible, you should enhance the experience by exercising in the fresh air while enjoying the beauty of nature. A truly holistic experience!

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