The German Motorbike Route – live the dream

The German Motorbike Route extends over 10,000 kilometres in the shape of a clover leaf and includes all of Germany's most enjoyable motorcycling regions. Cruising on curvy race circuits, the hottest biker gatherings, motorbiking highlights, motorbike museums, meals and accommodation with biker-friendly hosts – this route is far and away the best way to experience everything Germany has to offer motorcyclists.

The German Motorbike Route – also known as Pan Germania – was officially opened in 2004 by none other than the brilliant German motorcycle design engineer Friedel Münch during the traditional Vogelsberg Motorbike Festival. It features four wonderful routes full of thrilling tight bends and snaking past rivers and lakes, quaint towns and vibrant cities – so be sure to schedule some time for shopping. The Alps provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to some stretches of the German Motorbike Route, but if you're looking to put your driving skills to the test here, make sure you already have some experience. This route of over 10,000 kilometres offers the same spirit of biking freedom as the legendary Route 66, with tours the length and breadth of Germany that are suitable for all rider levels. But be warned, a sense of adventure is sometimes required, although the whole route is designed so that you can leave it for a while and go off exploring attractions in the surrounding area. This tour has its challenges but is by no means exhausting. A special map box designed to fit in the tank rucksack is available and contains laminated maps showing all the routes as well as information about biker-friendly accommodation, motorbike meets and museums.

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