• Christmas market in Esslingen
    Christmas market in Esslingen ©Esslinger Stadtmarketing & Tourismus GmbH/Rudel
  • Christmas market in Gengenbach
    Christmas market in Gengenbach ©Gengenbach - Kultur- und Tourismus GmbH
  • Christmas market in Schwäbisch Gmünd
    Christmas market in Schwäbisch Gmünd ©Tourist-Information Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Friedrichshafen: christmas market
    Friedrichshafen: christmas market ©Stadtmarketing Friedrichshafen GmbH (Julian Pawlowski)
  • Christmas market in Cleves
    Christmas market in Cleves ©Klever Weihnachtsmarkt e. V.
  • ©Kassel Marketing GmbH
  • ©Joachim-Messerschmidt_DZT
  • ©Tourist-Information Worms
  • Christmas market in Ansbach
    Christmas market in Ansbach ©Amt für Kultur und Touristik
  • Lindau/Bodensee: Christmas at sea harbor
    Lindau/Bodensee: Christmas at sea harbor ©Schneider
  • ©Tourismus Coburg
  • Christmas market in Leipzig
    Christmas market in Leipzig ©Leipzig Tourismus & Marketing GmbH (Brzoska)
  • Christmas market in Lübeck
    Christmas market in Lübeck ©Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (Krüger, Norbert)
  • Kaiserslautern:Christmas Market in front of Collegiate Church
    Kaiserslautern:Christmas Market in front of Collegiate Church ©Kaiserslautern:Christmas Market in front of Collegiate Church (Hanni Beck)
  • Christmas market in Munich
    Christmas market in Munich ©Tourismusamt München
  • Christmas market in Erfurt
    Christmas market in Erfurt ©Erfurt Tourismus GmbH (Barbara Neumann)
  • ©GOSLAR marketing gmbh
  • Christmas market and medieval market in Karlsruhe
    Christmas market and medieval market in Karlsruhe ©Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe GmbH (Roland Fränkle)
  • Christmas market in Dortmund
    Christmas market in Dortmund ©DORTMUNDtourismus
  • Christmas Striezelmarkt in Dresden
    Christmas Striezelmarkt in Dresden ©Dresden - Werbung und Tourismus GmbH
Christmas from A to Z

Коледните базари в Германия – празник за всички сетива

Приятно ухаещи, празнично осветени, изпълнени с коледни звуци и кулинарни лакомства – така ще почувствате с всичките си сетива коледните базари в Германия.

По украсените сергии търговците предлагат произведения на художествените занаяти, коледните сладки, греяното вино и местните специалитети радват небцето, а тържествените звуци на хорове и духови оркестри създават музикалния фон. На германските коледни базари ще опознаете обичаите и традициите в изпълнена с настроение историческа среда – от крайбрежието до Алпите. Най-известните коледни базари са нюрнбергският „Кристкиндлесмаркт“ (Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt) и дрезденският „Щрицелмаркт“ (Dresdner Striezelmarkt).

Посетете оригинала. Изберете измежду над 150 от най-красивите коледни базари в Германия.

25/11/2019 - 30/12/2019 - Lübeck
The "Christmas City of Northern Germany" invites to several fantastically festive Christmas markets all over the medieval Old Town.
25/11/2019 - 23/12/2019 - Bremen
The market square with its historical buildings is the perfect setting for Bremen's enchanting Christmas market. Visitors come from far and wide to browse around the craft stalls and Christmas exhibitions in the town hall (lower h ...
25/11/2019 - 23/12/2019 - Cologne
Set against the backdrop of the cathedral (Dom), Cologne’s landmark, the Christmas market “am Dom” presents craftsmen in 160 pavilions. The cathedral is not only here as a real building, but also as in ‘Dom-Speculatius’. The Neuma ...
26/11/2019 - 22/12/2019 - Erfurt
 Erfurt's Christmas Market is one of the loveliest in the whole of Germany and is the largest in Thuringia. ...
28/11/2019 - 18/12/2019 - Lübeck
Fantastic handicraft and unique Christmas present ideas – that's the Craft Market in St. Peter's.
28/11/2019 - 23/12/2019 - Bamberg

During the Christmas season, the marketplace at Maximiliansplatz in Bamberg's pedestrian zone is filled with pre-Christmas magic. In the heart of the Old Town with its illuminated and decorated shops and streets, the irresi ...
29/11/2019 - 09/12/2019 - Lübeck
Around 150 craftspeople from Germany, Scandinavia, the Baltic, Israel and Peru will present their most beautiful works in the Gothic church, with 100 small huts in the nave and the medieval vaulted cellar.
07/12/2019 - Dresden
The Stollenfest makes for an unusual highlight of the Dresden Striezelmarkt.
14/12/2019 - 15/12/2019 - Bamberg

Artists and craftspeople exhibit and sell their selected works in lovingly decorated stalls and booths on Jakobsberg hill with its impressive and historical ambiance.

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