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Blanker Hans Storm Tide World – the perfect storm

Blanker Hans Storm Tide World is located in Büsum, a North Sea coastal resort on Schleswig-Holstein's UNESCO Wadden mudflats. This distinctive wave-shaped attraction is much more than just a monument to the force of nature.

1362, 1825, 1962, 1976 – storm tides are part and parcel of life by the North Sea, a long and recurrent tradition. Though destructive, they also hold a certain fascination, as shown by Blanker Hans Storm Tide World. This multimedia discovery centre in Büsum harbour on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein is the only attraction of its kind anywhere in the world. The centre explores the incredible history of the storm tides through exciting and informative attractions. You can take a voyage of discovery in a rescue capsule, visit the offshore research station and explore the archive of knowledge. This exhilarating blend of information and interaction is what makes Blanker Hans so unique. The major new special exhibition 'Pirates – Sailing under a Black Flag' is whipping up a storm of its own. In a swashbuckling scene set on the turbulent waters of the North Sea, the interactive display sheds light on the day-to-day lives of pirates in the early 18th century, as well as the current threat posed by modern-day piracy.


Inside the 6,000m² exhibition at Blanker Hans Storm Tide World you learn about the phenomenon of storm tides from every angle – without even getting your feet wet. Climb aboard a rescue capsule to embark on a breathtaking 300m voyage of discovery. Numerous simulations and multimedia features show you why the North Sea has such a fearsome reputation. At the offshore research station, you and your children can delve deeper and discover the ins and outs of weather phenomena, climate, the ebb and flow of the tides, coastal defences and the force of nature that is the storm tides. The wind tunnel here gives you a sense of what a force-12 hurricane feels like. The Blanker Hans Storm Tide World discovery centre is an enlightening and fascinating experience for all.

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