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Company Profile

Company profile
…a seal of quality since 1972
…more than 200 hosts in 10 European countries, 110 in Germany alone
…individual, historically grown hotels with personal management
…high standards for cuisine and cellar
… individuality which surprises, genuineness which delights, geniality which captures – in short: a very special attitude to life.

Brands / Products / Services

Relaxing days in the countryside, interesting city trips, active holidays in the mountains or at the seaside, delightful hours close to home – for more than 40 years Romantik Hotels & Restaurants is a synonym for outstanding hospitality and represents the diversity of regions.

Romantik Main topics
Romantik Hotels & Restaurants has high standard for cuisine and cellar. The offer includes regional specialities as well as international gourmet cuisine – included in the prestigious gourmet guides. Seasonal products of the region can be found on the menu, some hotels/restaurants produce their own wine, their own, cheese, their own chocolate, their own sausages.
“Exercise“, “relaxation“, “nutrition“– these three spa concepts are transformed into offers by the Romantik Hotels. Hotels with the Romantik spa quality seal treat their guests with a full-service package: starting with beautiful natural surroundings to creative, regional mouth-watering food to professional beauty treatments and relaxation.
Classic cars
“The journey is the destination” is the slogan for classic car enthusiasts, who delight in discovering a region, who take their time and who value tradition as well as modernity. For them Romantik Hotels are the ideal „travel partners“. Whether you are travelling with your own classic car through the most beautiful regions of Europe or you test a dream car owned by one of the hoteliers – Romantik Reisen Classics offers you various possibilities.
Already in their name Romantik Hotels & Restaurants point out that they are dedicated to the topics of feeling and emotion. They offer the perfect setting for unforgettable hours as a couple and for big events celebrating togetherness. Engagement, marriage or the renewal of the vows – unique events need an extraordinary setting.

Romantik vouchers
The Romantik vouchers - for all who want to present somebody with something special. Whether with specific accomplishments or a certain value – it is your choice. The vouchers can be redeemed in every participating Romantik Hotels in 10 European countries.


Group offers/MICE
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Social Commitment / Green Travel

Social commitment
„You may judge me by what I will turn this award into!“ These words by Joachim Franz on the occasion of receiving the Prix Romantik Liebold 2009 by Romantik Hotels & Restaurants were a trigger, a promise and a levelling staff at the same time. The idea for SAFE HOUSE was born. SAFE HOUSE, a project by be your own hero e.V., supports institutions and projects that provide children affected by HIV/Aids with a safe, secure home filled with promise for the future.
The individual Romantik Hotels are also strongly involved in charity projects. The selection of projects reflects the wide range of possible commitment. The hoteliers are often involved in various projects at the same time, often also with the participation of employees.

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