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  • We are finished for today! That's it with #osome15. Thank you everybody and see you at the next event #germanytourism

  • And here the second workshop by Jan Schmirmund & Elif Kablan (GNTB) about influencer relations #osome15

  • This is Zhaohui Li (head of GNTB China) and her workshop group talking about Weibo & WeChat #osome15

  • Next up are two workshops WeChat & Weibo (Zhaohui Li GNTB China) & Influencer Relations (E. Kablan & J. Schmirmund, GNTB Frankfurt) #osome15

  • Coffee break - #yummy!! #osome15

  • "Did you know the interaction rate of users on Instagram is a lot higher than on Facebook and Twitter?" - Elif Kablan #osome15

  • At the moment Elif Kablan (Social Media Marketing, GNTB) is talking about hashtags, mentions and influencer #osome15

  • I am sorry I can't be there today - Mirko Lange What a shame. Maybe next time...! #osome15

  • Now up: Till Palme (GNTB Paris) explaining how to reach new target groups with blogger campaigns #osome15

  • It's lunchtime here at the Social Media Day #osome15 #germanytourism

  • Our last presentation this morning: Zhaohui Li (Head of the GNTB China) is talking about Weibo and WeChat #osome15

  • "We want to fill people with enthusiasm for the travel destination Germany" - Jan Schmirmund #osome15

  • Jan Schmirmund (head of Social Media Marketing) is the first speaker presenting successful SM Marketing #osome15

  • Our four speakers of today: Jan Schmirmund, Zhaohui Li, Elif Kablan and Till Palme (all GNTB) #osome15

  • Good morning! It's Social Media Day today. Stay tuned for live updates from Frankfurt. #osome15 #germanytourism

  • That's it for today! After this great Online Day we will be back tomorrow with more live updates from the Social Media Day #osome15

  • And last but not least... a presentation right from the US #osome15 #germanytourism

  • Having a well deserved break at the moment. And then: John Voigt (GNTB USA) on Digital Destination Marketing #osome15

  • C. Bosselaar is presenting the New Digital Funnel - search, shop, buy #osome15