Zürich, 13. Mai 2016

Deutschland zu attraktiven Preisen mit dem Zug entdecken – Begleitperson reist gratis

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Zürich, 22. April 2016

Preisträger beim internationalen Fotowettbewerb „Deutsche Ferienstrassen“ gekürt

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Zürich, 21. April 2016

DZT bilanziert grossen Erfolg für GTM in Magdeburg

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Zürich, 09. März 2016

Deutscher Incomingtourismus erzielt sechstes Rekordergebnis in Folge – Schweiz mit plus 8,4 Prozent

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Zürich, 05. Februar 2016

2015 sechste Rekordbilanz für Deutschland-Incoming in Folge

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Zürich, 28. Januar 2016

Reiseland Deutschland wirbt an der grössten Schweizer Ferienmesse mit der „Faszination Natururlaub“

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  • Time to say goodbye! That was the GTM 2016. See you next year! #gtm16

  • A group of journalists is visiting the Green Citadel, a Hundertwasser building in Magdeburg built in 2005. #gtm16

  • Magdeburg is handing over the honor of hosting the GTM 2017 to Nuremberg @nuernberg_de . #gtm16

  • Day III of the GTM 2016 is about to start. We wish you a successful day! #gtm16

  • We wish you all a good night! We are looking forward to Day III of the GTM 2016 tomorrow. #gtm16

  • The Festung Mark is a charming and festive location in Magdeburg. #gtm16

  • Martin Luther is also joining the Networking event at Festung Mark in Magdeburg. #gtm16

  • There's a medieval christmas market especially for the guests of the Networking event at Festung Mark. #gtm16

  • The host city @Ottostadt Magdeburg is also represented at the GTM. #gtm16

  • The suppliers and visitors are networking in their booths on GTM Day II. #gtm16

  • The best way to enjoy german nature in Saxony-Anhalt? A visit in the Harz National Park. #gtm16

  • Saxony-Anhalt is very important for the history of Luther and the Reformation. #gtm16

  • Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz and Bauhaus Dessau are both part of the UNESCO world heritage in Saxony Anhalt. #gtm16

  • Dr. Carhans Uhle, Investitions-und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt, is also speaking. #gtm16

  • Magdeburg offers a scope of possibilities to experience the Luther Year 2017. #gtm16

  • Magdeburg is also important for the history of Martin Luther and the Reformation. #gtm16

  • There are a lot of touristic highlights to see in @Ottostadt Magdeburg. #gtm16

  • Sandra Yvonne Stieger, Magdeburg Marketing Congress and Tourism, is the third speaker at the press conference #gtm16

  • At the GTM 2016 the guests have the chance to test the "Call a Bike"-service of the Deutsche Bahn. #gtm16

  • DB Rent links multiple ways of individual transportation like rentable bikes and carsharing. #gtm16

  • Another target is to improve itinerary in every direction. #gtm16