• Visitors marvelling at buildings from above at Miniature Wonderland
    Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg ©Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
  • Alpine panorama in Oberstdorf
    Panorama view Oberstdof ©Tourismus Oberstdorf/ Eren Karaman
  • Interior view of the function room with special lighting elements in the Oberhausen Gasometer
    Oberhausen Gasometer ©Gasometer Oberhausen/Thomas Machoczek
  • Group of visitors with walking canes and a tour guide at the Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt
    Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt ©DialogMuseum/Jürgen Röhrscheidt
  • Women during a guided tour in sign language in front of the Merchants' Bridge in Erfurt
    Erfurt ©Erfurt Tourismus und Marketing GmbH/Barbara Neumann
  • Blind person with a Smartphone using the Cityguide of Soest app at a bus stop with moving bus in the background
    Soest: The bus connects — easily mobile ©Regionalentwicklung Kreis Soest/Timo Beylemans - Fotografenmeister
  • View inside the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments: a portico houses rows of glass display cabinets containing elaborately embellished, historical physical instruments
    The Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments, part of the Dresden State Art Collections ©Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden/Hans Christian Krass
  • Three horse riders in the Münsterland countryside
    Münsterland: three riders on the inclusive bridle path ©Münsterland e.V./Reinhard Duschner, Friederike Scheytt
  • Square with tables and benches on the banks of the Main river with a view of the Frankfurt skyline
    Frankfurt Main ©imago/Westend61
  • Ship on the Rhine at St Goarshausen in the Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage site with vineyards in the background
    Shipping on the Rhine ©Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH/Dominik Ketz
  • View from the wide pedestrian bridge of the pile dwellings on Lake Constance
    Museum and prehistoric pile village in Unteruhldingen ©PM/M. Schellinger
  • Visitor with camera by the chalk coast in Jasmund National Park on Rügen island
    The chalk coast in Jasmund National Park on Rügen island ©Nationalpark-Zentrum Königsstuhl/Peter Lehmann
  • Wheelchair users abseiling from the TEAM tower at 'Filu' high ropes course.
    High Rope Park Filu ©Klettergarten Filu
  • Exterior view of Bremen Art Gallery with reflection on the lake in an evening setting
    Bremen Art Gallery ©BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale/Jan Rathke
  • Cruise boat at the lakeside. Two men push a man and a woman in wheelchairs along an uphill path, with two children alongside them.
    A barrier-free pleasure cruise on Lake Brombachsee in the Franconian Lakes ©Andreas Hub TV Franken/TVFränkisches Seenland
  • Model of Magdeburg Cathedral
    Magdeburg ©Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH/Michael Bader
  • View of Herrenchiemsee Palace and lake in front with the statue of the 'Seine' in the foreground
    Herrenchiemsee Palace ©Otto Stadler/imageBROKER/Corbis
  • Boy with hair standing on end at the Van de Graaf generator at Phaeno in Wolfsburg
    Phaeno in Wolfsburg ©phaeno gGmbH/Nina Stiller
  • Two wheelchair users and three other people relaxing in the sun on a park bench in egapark Erfurt
    egapark Erfurt ©Thüringer Tourismus GmbH/Barbara Neumann
  • Völklingen Ironworks: a tangle of steel and blast furnaces
    Völklingen Ironworks UNESCO World Heritage site ©wikipedia/Jotha56

旅游之国德国 – 所有人的度假胜地


不仅是身患残疾的游客,其他所有行动不便的度假者,如老人、带婴儿车和小孩的家庭、因运动受伤的人等都可以从中受益。 这甚至在旅行之前就已经开始:德国汉莎航空 (Lufthansa) 会在机场和目的地为行动不便的旅客提供服务。 早在起飞之前我们就已经为旅客提供了药物和健康等信息。 我们为行动不便的旅行常客提供飞行常客医疗卡 (FREMEC),确保他们的飞行更加舒适。 在 柏林航空 (Air Berlin),行动不便的旅客也会受到很好的照顾。 机场有专门受过培训的人员,为他们提供建议和帮助。

德意志联邦铁路公司 (Deutsche Bahn) 也为行动不便的旅客提供重要信息和提示,并提供电话报时服务。 此外许多城市的公共短途交通 (öffentliche Nahverkehr) 都提供汽车和火车上车辅助措施。若预先登记,我们还提供陪同服务。 如果选择汽车出行,我们为带有残疾旅客的司机或残障司机提供停车许可等服务。 这样您可以快速到达宾馆、风景名胜或会议中心。

德国酒店业协会 (DEHOGA) 和德国酒店联盟的目录上提供了大量无障碍酒店,行动不便的人们只要来过一次,必然会感到非常满意。

旅行的人都想要有一些经历。为此许多城市和地区为残障旅客提供了特殊项目。 总有一项合您心意。 如果您想乘坐游艇或骑车观赏地道的海边风景和古老宫殿,那么 勃兰登堡 (Brandenburg)就是您的正确选择。 从城市之旅 到沙滩休闲,再到全德国的森林度假,德国无障碍旅行地工会成员提供了各种旅行方式。




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