Krystallpalast Variety Theatre, Leipzig
Krystallpalast Variety Theatre, Leipzig Tom Schulze

Krystallpalast Variety Theatre in Leipzig

Leipzig's original Krystallpalast, which first opened its doors in 1882, was one of Germany's largest entertainment venues at the end of the 19th century and featured international stars such as Josephine Baker and the Italian juggler Enrico Rastelli. 

Since 1994 the new Krystallpalast Variety Theatre has been continuing the work of its predecessor, which was destroyed during the Second World War. And once again, thrilling acrobatics, captivating music, hilarious comedy and great cuisine have come together to provide audiences with a variety experience of world renown.



04.03.2015 - 30.05.2015

KlitzeKlein - Das wilde Krabbeln

04.06.2015 - 22.08.2015

summer in the city 2015


Krystallpalast Varieté
Magazingasse 4
04109 Leipzig


Fon: +49 (0) 341 14 06 60



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