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德国电影公园(Movie Park Germany) ©Movie Park

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  • Open late March to early November
  • Limited disabled access
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位于 Bottrop-Kirchhellen 的德国电影公园拥有 40 个游玩项目、过山车和一个别具特色的现场表演馆——上演的全是电影大片。它曾经获得德国儿童保护联盟和 TÜV Nord授予的“儿童适宜”头衔。

好哇! 我在电影里了! 即使身在德国,您距离好莱坞也只有一步之遥: 比任何轰动影片都更加丰富、紧张和扣人心弦! 如果您不想您的旅途过于奔波,则德国电影公园是您正确的选择: 这个电影和娱乐公园拥有 40 个游玩项目、过山车和一个别具特色的现场表演馆——上演的全是电影大片! TÜV授予的“儿童适宜”头衔 这个休闲公园获得的最高荣誉: 德国电影公园曾经荣获德国儿童保护联盟 NRW 和 TÜV Nord 授予的“儿童适宜”头衔。早在 2006 年德国电影公园就已经成为德国第一个荣获儿童领域“童话世界”称号的休闲公园,现在整个公园更是拥有了儿童适宜的休闲娱乐场所的头衔。


Take a ride along the Mystery River, passing through spooky dark ravines and caves, or join the Backyardigans in their space ship for a spectacular mission to Mars. If an adrenaline rush is what you're looking for, then Movie Park Germany is the place to go. Expect wall-to-wall action and adventure, whether it's the seemingly never-ending 60-metre drop from The High Fall, the dizzying MP Xpress rollercoaster or the Alien Encounter water ride. There's plenty of entertainment too, with Nickelodeon stars Cosmo & Wanda dazzling younger guests in Nickland, or the new stunt show – a mix of comedy and spectacular stunts that has audiences laughing and gasping in equal measure. There's never a dull moment at Movie Park Germany!

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