Luther Trail – Mansfeld Castle
Luther Trail – Mansfeld Castle ©TourismusRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg e. V., Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Take time out and find yourself: pilgrimages on the Luther Trail with a Reformation theme

One theme and one event connects 1,200 kilometres across the federal states of Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The Luther Trail is part of the Luther Decade culminating in 2017, which marks 500 years since Luther nailed his theses to the church door in 1517 – the anniversary of the Reformation.

Follow in the footsteps of the great reformer: every stopping point along the trail is a highlight in itself and looks back on a piece of history about Martin Luther, his fellow campaigners or the Reformation. In Thuringia the route takes in Eisenach and Wartburg Castle, Luther's House, the Augustinian abbey in Erfurt, Wilhelmsburg Palace in Schmalkalden and other sites. In Saxony-Anhalt the route goes to Eisleben, to the house where Luther was born and the house where he died, and to Wittenberg, the most important site of the Reformation. The church where Luther preached his sermons, the castle church where he nailed his 95 theses to the door and Melanchthon's house can be found here. In Saxony the route runs from Torgau to Zwickau, from Borna to Leisnig, taking in many places that were visited by Luther and other reformers. These include Nimbschen Abbey and Zöllsdorf House, which have close connections to Luther's wife Katharina von Bora, but also to Luther himself and the Reformation. The Luther Trail is also an opportunity to customise your own tour – to visit places of personal interest and discover Luther for yourself. This 1,200km walking route passes through glorious countryside with interesting sights such as old churches, castles and museums that are open to visitors. There are exhibitions on various aspects of the Reformation, historical festivals, guided tours, concerts and much more.


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