Peene valley - Paddling down the Peene
Peene valley - Paddling down the Peene ©Abenteuer Peenetal
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Naturally unique

Sustainable travel in Germany

Peene valley: the Amazon of the north

The Peene valley: the Western-Pomeranian riverscape in the far north east of Germany was shaped by the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago. Vikings and Slavs later lived peacefully here together. The region has remained largely untouched by industry, leaving the path clear for an authentic ‘adventure riverscape’ today.

From the Mecklenburg Switzerland and Lake Kummerow Nature Park in the west, the unspoilt river Peene meanders through one of Europe’s largest continuous areas of fens. It meets the sea in the Peenestrom strait to the east of Anklam, forging a link to the island nature park of Usedom. The string of conservation areas that stretch through the entire region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania work together to support sustainable tourism. The Abenteuer Flusslandschaft (Adventure Riverscape) network coordinates tourism in the Peenetal Nature Park.

With a gradient of only 24 centimetres over around 100 kilometres, the river’s current is barely noticeable. This is reflected in the flora and fauna: rare moorland species that flourish here include the Baltic orchid, the large copper butterfly and the Carabus menetriesi ground beetle. Large colonies of otters and beavers inhabit the fluvial plain. The Peene also has one of the most varied populations of freshwater fish of any of Germany’s rivers, with rare species such as the river lamprey and spined loach. White-tailed eagles, ospreys, lesser spotted eagles and three different species of tern all nest on the riverbanks that form part of a European bird sanctuary.

Nature at its best

Explore the nature park on foot, by bike or from the water. You can also book a cycling tour that includes a return trip in a canoe – a great way to see the scenery from the land and the water. Or, for something a little different, try an e-bike: theses bicycles powered by green electricity are ideal for an extra leisurely tour.

Drift gently along the river

Whether it’s a Tom Sawyer-style adventure on a raft or the more refined comfort of a luxury floating holiday home, the true pleasure of a boating holiday on the Peene is in the peaceful solitude as the sun goes down. The vessels are motorised, and do not require a licence.

Powered by the sun

For a quiet and eco-friendly trip down the Peene you can hire a solar boat with room for up to eleven people. It comes with an on-board guide who’ll tell you all about the region and its people. Or book a green Viking safari, where you won't need even one drop of fuel thanks to the integrated batteries charged by the solar panels on the roof.

Realise your potential

Let nature be your inspiration and set your new creative powers free! No matter how good your arts and crafts skills are, you can express yourself through weaving, bronze sculpting and wood carving on specialist courses.

A taste of grandeur

In an area where nature is left to its own devices, plates are generously filled with delicious fish and game dishes and locally farmed produce. For a truly memorable experience, you can dine in the charming setting of a former abbey or manor house.


  • Historical attractions such as the church in Gützkow and the ruins of 13th century Stolpe Abbey
  • Viking graves near Menzlin as well as Slavic fortifications and burial grounds
  • Authentic experiences with exquisite food and drink in beautifully restored manor houses
  • Otto Lilienthal Museum in Anklam, birthplace of this aviation pioneer: exciting events, physics experiments and an outdoor learning space
  • Nature park ranger tours for school groups



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