Gourmet restaurant Falco, Peter Maria Schnurr
Gourmet restaurant Falco, Peter Maria Schnurr ©The Westin Leipzig

FALCO gourmet restaurant at The Westin Leipzig: Peter Maria Schnurr – culinary avant garde above Leipzig's rooftops

At FALCO, Peter Maria Schnurr has found his own definition of culinary modernism – his cuisine passion légère© is unique, unusual and passionate.

Peter Maria Schnurr oozes energy and drive. On the basis of classic French cooking, he channels his almost boundless creativity, the highest technical precision and the finest ingredients into dishes that exist nowhere but FALCO. He expertly juxtaposes unusual flavour pairings, frames them with delicate textural accents and derives a defining lightness from perfectly proportioned fruit elements in the menu sequence. The passion that Schnurr brings to his task is reflected in his creations – dining at FALCO is a journey of discovery that will never be forgotten.

In his TON : STEINE : SCHERBEN – Foie @ FALCO 2012 – yoghurt powder : red fruits fluid & fennel seed extract Schnurr transforms the name of a legendary German rock band into a duck liver dish which he presents raw-marinated (Ton - Clay), combined with Malto (Steine - Stones) and as a wafer-thin dehydrated mousse (Scherben - Slices). The gelée of red berry compote might seem like a classic idea, but Schnurr uses fennel seed extract, drop by drop, to create a thrilling, intense herbal counterpoint. Equally exhilarating is the sole de petit bateau – souffléed pork crackling – pomegranate : sauerkraut tapioca : bay leaf – Schnurr seasons the sole indirectly with souffléed pork crackling with piment d'Espelette, adding a marvellous sweet-sour interplay with the pomegranate and the sauerkraut, and shedding a completely new light on the traditional combination of fish and bay leaf – absolutely sublime.

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann



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