St. Crescentia's Way
St. Crescentia's Way

A captivating walk following in the footsteps of St. Crescentia Hoess

This delightful pilgrimage trail dedicated to St. Crescentia Hoess follows an almost 90km route through the idyllic Alpine foothills of the Eastern and Lower Allgäu. Starting in Kaufbeuren, it passes through Ottobeuren before reaching Mindelheim, linking places that played a significant role in the life of the nun Maria Crescentia.

Since 2003 followers of St. Crescentia Hoess (1682-1744) have been able to explore the route that she often took in the 17th century. During her time at the convent in Kaufbeuren she was frequently in contact with the Irsee Monastery, the Convent of the Holy Cross in Mindelheim and the Benedictine Monastery in Ottobeuren. The convent museum has an extensive display of correspondence bearing witness to the confidence placed in her by others. She regularly walked the route in order to visit these three places, which is commemorated by Crescentia chapels, crosses and wayside shrines along the pilgrimage trail. Maria Crescentia Hoess lived at the Franciscan convent in Kaufbeuren between 1682 and 1744, serving as the superior for a time. After her death on 5 April 1744 her grave in the convent's chapel became one of Europe's most important places of pilgrimage. Besides offering picturesque landscapes and significant works of art, the pilgrimage trail provides an opportunity for self-reflection to those following in the footsteps of St. Crescentia Hoess. It links a number of places that recall the life and legacy of Crescentia, the first German saint of the third millennium. Pope John Paul II canonised her on 25 November 2001, making her a role model for the entire Catholic Church. She is often depicted with a crucifix on which her gaze is fixated as if it were an open book. In 2011 Kaufbeuren held a festival of faith to celebrate two anniversaries: 750 years of the convent and ten years since the canonisation of Crescentia.

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