Franconian wine region

With its internationally acclaimed wines and its modern wine architecture, Franconia is the embodiment of a 21st century wine region. The 6,000 hectare expanse of vineyards borders with the Rhön hills to the north, Steigerwald Forest to the east, the Tauber Valley to the south and the Spessart hills to the west. The silvaner and müller-thurgau white-wine grapes and the domina and pinot noir red varieties are among those that flourish on the steep, stepped vineyards along the Main and its tributaries. A large proportion of Franconian wines are sold in distinctive bocksbeutel bottles, which to this day denote the wine's geographical origin as well its superior quality.

Deep in the heart of the winegrowing region lies the baroque festival city of Würzburg, whose UNESCO World Heritage Residenz Palace is well worth a visit. The region can also be discovered via the River Main Cycle Route – Germany's first ever cycle route to be given a 5-star quality rating by the ADFC.