Healthy holidays in the great outdoors

The Oder-Spree lakeland region has a spa and bathing tradition that goes back centuries and could be considered a forerunner of our modern-day wellness culture. The invigorating fresh air, therapeutic springs and natural mud make the lakes an ideal location for health and wellness holidays. Bad Freienwalde, Bad Saarow on Scharmützel lake and Buckow in Brandenburg's Switzerland are the best known spa and health resorts in the region, but there are many other places where you can have a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

With that in mind, the Oder-Spree Lakeland Tourism Association has published Gesund in der Natur, a brochure on healthy holidays in the lakeland region. Produced in collaboration with the East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it provides useful information for anyone planning a stay in this scenic region east of Berlin.