Sorbiske folkedragter – haute couture som traditionen byder
  • Japan Day, Düsseldorf
    Japan Day, Düsseldorf © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
  • Biikebrennen bonfires, various towns
    Biikebrennen bonfires, various towns © (Constanze Höfinghoff)
  • Stuttgart International Cartoon Festival – Festival of Animated Film (ITFS)
    Stuttgart International Cartoon Festival – Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) ©Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart
  • Cologne
    Cologne ©
  • Ruhr Theatre Festival, Recklinghausen
    Ruhr Theatre Festival, Recklinghausen ©Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

Det sande, det skønne og det gode.

Verdens største skyttefest, 1000 års muntert markedsliv eller folkefester, som de kun findes i Tyskland – her holdes traditionerne i hævd, og her får de igen og igen nyt liv. Det gælder også mange dejlige, gamle skikke, der er dybt forankret i landet, og som gerne inddrager gæster. Kom og oplev Tysklands fester og skikke. Og du vil føle dig hjemme.
27/06/2018 - 22/07/2018 - Munich

Twice a year the Tollwood Festival in Munich offers culture for all. 

13/07/2018 - 22/07/2018 - Dusseldorf

The Biggest Funfair on the Rhine is organised by Düsseldorf's St. Sebastian shooting club, which dates back almost 700 years and currently numbers more than 1,500 members. It's held in celebration of the club's patron St. A ...
21/07/2018 - Köln

Bonn celebrates with the Rhine in Flames but Cologne hosts the Cologne Lights, one of Europe's most beautiful and most spectacular musical fireworks displays, right in the middle of the Rhine – an atmospheric extravaganza t ...
22/07/2018 - Schneeberg

Another event that reminds of the fact that the life of the varlets was tough is the "Schneeberger Bergstreittag" (miners' strike day) that has been a tradition in the baroque mining town for more than 500 years. Ten pennie ...
22/07/2018 - Zwickau

The old-timer tour  will once again bring a "rolling museum" onto the streets of western Saxony. Not only do the participants in the 125 historic cars and 30 motorcycle veterans have a good time. Numerous enthusiastic spect ...
22/07/2018 - Cuxhaven

The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is not only a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, but it is also the venue for what must surely be one of the strangest horse races in the world: the Duhnen Mudflat Races near Cuxhaven. ...
23/07/2018 - 23/08/2018 - Bamberg
Just below Cathedral Hill is the antiques quarter of the world heritage city of Bamberg. Here, in the historical baroque centre of town, the art and antiques dealers offer valuable art in the personal atmosphere of their galleries ...
27/07/2018 - 26/08/2018 - Hamburg

The people of Hamburg know how to party. Not once but three times a year they team up with visitors for northern Germany's biggest funfair – which lasts a whole 30 days. For almost a month in spring, summer and winter, peo ...
28/07/2018 - Potsdam

'Experience, shop, enjoy' is the theme of the Potsdam Erlebnisnacht, an event that attracts tens of thousands of people to the baroque heart of the Brandenburg capital on the last Saturday in July.  ...
01/08/2018 - 19/08/2018 - Hanover

The lake's the star at Hannover's Lake Maschsee Festival, with strolls on palm-lined promenades, dance evenings by the water's edge, boat trips and torchlight swimming.  ...

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