Summer Theatre Festival in Bad Lauchstädt
Summer Theatre Festival in Bad Lauchstädt © Andreas Biesenbach

Summer Theatre Festival in Bad Lauchstädt

You can't get more authentic than this. The Goethe Theatre in Bad Lauchstädt, Saxony-Anhalt, was not only named after the great poet, but was also designed by him.

Both the interior and exterior of the building, which dates back to 1802, have largely been preserved in their original condition. In keeping with this great polymath, the Summer Theatre Festival has an incredibly diverse programme including operas, concerts, readings and plays. Operas by Goethe's contemporary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart feature prominently in the festivities.

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22.04.2016 - 07.10.2016

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Parkstraße 18
06246 Bad Lauchstädt

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