Elisabeth Path
Elisabeth Path ©Elisabethpfad e.V., Hainau

Elisabeth of Thuringia – the saint and the rose miracle: the Elisabeth Paths

The three well-signposted Elisabeth Paths are pilgrim routes suitable for walking and cycling that retrace the steps taken by St. Elisabeth in medieval times. They start in Frankfurt, Eisenach and Cologne and all have the same destination: St. Elisabeth's Church in Marburg.

St. Elisabeth of Thuringia (1207-1231), to whom a number of miracles have been attributed and who is considered the epitome of charitable work, is one of the most famous saints in the German-speaking world. The Elisabeth Paths, which cover a distance of more than 500km, aim to revive the Christian tradition of following ecumenical pilgrimage routes to St. Elisabeth's Church in Marburg, a town on the Lahn river that first attracted pilgrims in the Middle Ages. The paths use both existing footpaths and newly created trails with a spiritual focus. Today, St. Elisabeth's Church in Marburg remains a vibrant meeting place and houses numerous works of art as well as Elisabeth's empty tomb. A number of stories about St. Elisabeth are still told to this day, particularly in Thuringia, Hessen and Hungary, including the rose miracle. Because of the widespread attestation to miracles, Marburg became a major place of pilgrimage, turning it into a rich and important town. The Elisabeth bower at Creuzburg Castle in western Thuringia, where Elisabeth liked to stay, is open to the public. Landgravine Elisabeth of Thuringia died in 1231 at the age of 24. Soon after, in 1235, she was made a saint owing to her extraordinary altruism. The Elisabeth Paths are spiritual trails where the soul can also wander. Visitors who do not wish to follow the routes alone can join one of the group walks offered at various times during the year.

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