Scheyern Abbey
Seligenstadt Abbey Garden
Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, Bamberg
Pilgrims' shelter, Tempzin Monastery
Eberbach Abbey Gardens
Walpurgis Night in the Harz mountains
Jewish Baths, Speyer
Abbey of the Missionary Benedictines in Schweiklberg
Sebastian Kneipp, Bad Wörishofen
Santa Isabel Abbey Hotel
Lorsch Abbey
Minster of Our Lady, Freiburg

Spiritual travel – special places linking Heaven and Earth

Walking pilgrimage routes, staying in a monastery, attending religious festivals and enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside are some of the many spiritual experiences available in Germany.

Spiritual travel is wellness for the soul. Visitors to Germany can walk traditional pilgrimage paths, retreat to the tranquillity of a monastery or visit churches and other historical religious sites to find peace, inspiration, comfort and energy. Experience enchanting scenery, striking architecture, places of historical interest and traditional events with a religious theme. Anyone who feels inspired to take time out to find themselves is welcome – whether religious or not.

Find time for tranquillity, relaxation and spiritual inspiration – the important things in life.