Bonn: Taking energy to a sustainable future.
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Bonn: Taking energy to a sustainable future.

The former Germany capital, Bonn is now a global centre in the area of energy + the environment and one of the leading German venues for conventions and conferences. This is in part due to the many international secretariats based here that deal with nature and the environment; the UN Campus is also located in Bonn. One of the outstanding events to focus on climate change and the environment was the UN Conference on Biodiversity 2008.

Bonn has repeatedly stimulated research around the world into and use of renewable energy and sustainable development in the area of energy + the environment in general. It is the focus for the efforts of the United Nations in this area; the UN secretariats located in Bonn include the UN Climate Secretariat, the UN Secretariat to Combat Desertification and the United Nations Volunteers Programme. Other themes include early warnings of natural catastrophes, nature and biodiversity conservation, health, education and sustainable tourism. With many links and partnerships between the UN, federal ministries, development agencies, commercial companies, scientific research institutes, media and around 150 international NGOs, Bonn offers a high level of competence in matters of the environment and development. Major events such as the Renewables Conference in 2004 and the UN Conference on Biodiversity in 2008 have made vital contributions to Bonn's outstanding reputation. The fact that the city itself has long taken a pioneering role in sustainability is another aspect that supports this reputation.

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