Donau-Zollernalb ©DZT (Kertzscher, Moritz)

The Danube Zollernalb Trail - excellent hiking in the Danube valley and south-western Alb

From the 'roof' of the Swabian Alb along the Albtrauf down into the Upper Danube Gorge and up to the peaks of the Swabian Alb, the boulder field landscape offers spectacular views throughout.

The Danube Zollernalb trail starts from Beuron in the Upper Danube nature reserve. It winds its way through the Upper Danube valley all the way to Sigmaringen and its famous castle. The path then takes you along the Lauchert valley and up on to the Alb plateau. The Albtrauf is a distinctive feature, stretching for miles along the escarpment of the Schwäbischen Alb. On the way from Meßstetten to Balingen the experience of nature reveals several highlights such as the Gräbelesberg, the Hörnle, the Lochstein and the Plettenberg. On a clear day the view stretches to the Black Forest, the Vosges mountains, the Alb foothills and beyond to Stuttgart, Upper Swabia, Lake Constance and even the Alps.

You can cool off and refresh yourself at the Schömberg reservoir before continuing along the trail to the country park in Upper Schlichem Valley. If you still have energy to burn, head up the Lemberg, the highest peak in the Swabian Alb, and along theDanube Peaks Trail, which follows on directly from the Danube Zollernalb trail. Both trails have the "Wanderbares Deutschland" (Walking in Germany) seal of approval and they combine to create a 230-kilometre circular tour of the Swabian Alb.

Tip: The highest peak in the Swabian Alb

The route from Schörzingen over the Oberhohenberg, the highest mountain in the Zollernalb, to the Lemberg winds its way along the very steep Albtrauf, and is worthwhile for its stunning views.

At a glance:

Start und Destination: Beuron – Lemberg
Distance: 165 km
Number of stages: 10
Height: Ascent approx. 4,600 m, descent approx. 4,300 m
Trail surface: 42% unmade, 19% asphalt, 39% other e.g. gravel

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