Rest at Blankenberg Castle
Rest at Blankenberg Castle ©Projektbüro Natursteig Sieg (Delia Sedlmeier)

Natursteig Sieg Trail – along historic trails in Rheinland

The Natursteig Sieg Trail follows the "swift river" Sieg, which received its name from the Celts. South-east of Cologne you can walk along narrow paths through the stunning scenery of the Sieg valley.

The vibrant city of Cologne lies only 25 kilometres away – but the Natursteig Sieg Trail seems to be in another world. Away from big cities it leads from Siegburg, with its highly visible Michaelsberg Abbey, to Windeck, through mysterious valleys, over mountain ranges with rich vistas and along lively streams, returning frequently to the Sieg. "Sieg" is derived from the Celtic word "Sikkere" meaning "swift river". The wooded, tranquil landscape of the Sieg and its adjacent valleys and the narrow paths, however, invite you on a pleasurable, quiet walk, cut off from the everyday bustle of life.

Along the way there are several castles and monasteries, old churches and idyllic villages worth seeing for those interested in the historic and cultural aspects. To a greater extent the Natursteig Sieg Trail follows along historical routes, which in certain parts had to be completely cut free, because it had not been used for such a long time. These are not wide trails, but rather narrow paths sometimes running along the river and sometimes high up on the adjacent hills.

Tip: The town of Blankenberg

This town is one of the best preserved high medieval fortresses in the Rhineland. The castle built before 1180 is the origin of the four-part town, consisting of castle, bailey, and the old and new town. The walled defences of the new town were completed in the 13th century and are preserved to this day.

At a glance:

Start und destination: Siegburg to Windeck
Distance: 115 km
Number of stages: 8
Height: Ascent 3,200 m, descent 3,100 m
Trail surface: 39.2% unmade, 19.1% asphalt, 41.7% other e.g. gravel

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