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Uplandsteig - a hiking adventure around Willingen

Circling the winter sport resort of Willingen in the Upper Sauerland, the trail leads past peat moors, hillsides, meadows and fields, along the shores of lakes and through fir and mixed forest, bringing with it all the adventure and romance of the outdoors.

"Upland" is Low German for "Oberland" or literally "in the country". This refers to a rural mountainous region in North Hesse and the adjacent Upper Sauerland. The Uplandsteig is challenging, as the mountains have everything. There is a total of about 1,500 meters in altitude to master. Here you roam through the different natural landscapes of the Upper Sauerland region: Some of the most impressive fells in Germany, with deep forests and wide pastures, past streams and springs. The long history of this region is exemplified by the historic ruins of Schwalenburg Castle, where its three ring walls are still visible. From the small lookout tower, which is located in the inner wall, there is a magnificent view of this fortified enclosure. The Willinger district of Rattlar can be reached by the Frankenpfad path. Charlemagne is said to have come through here in 772 with his army. The open pastures further on the way offers an open view to Rattlar and Hermannsberg. According to legend, Hermann the Cheruscan is said to have secretly met here with his future wife Thusnelda, daughter of the Roman affiliated Prince Segestes.

In 2007 hurricane Kyrill caused particular havoc in Sauerland. The effects are still visible along the Uplandsteig trail - not least through the open spaces, which allow some panoramic views. As for example from the 843 metre high Langenberg, the highest mountain in the Sauerland and thus the "summit" of the Uplandsteig trail.

Tip: Schwalenburg Castle

The early medieval fortress building with its three ring walls and the lookout tower is located 7.5 km along the Uplandsteig trail, which leads right through the fortress. A circular history trail was created in 2014 and provides details of its history on information boards.

At a glance:

Start and destination: Willingen (Upland)
Distance: 64.3 km
Number of stages: 3 to 4
Height: Ascent approx. 1,510 m, descent approx. 1,510 m
Trail surface: 43% unmade, 14% asphalt, 43% other, e.g. gravel

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