George Drumm
George Drumm ©Ortsgemeinde Essweiler

    George Drumm, Composer

    Born: 1874 | Died: 1959

    Georg Drumm was born in 1874 in Erdesbach in the Palatinate in southwestern Germany, and is globally known as both a composer and a musician.

    His career began after several trips to Ireland, Scotland and England as a teenager, which resulted in his employment at the Empire Theater in Dublin. Later he became the Music Director for Queen Victoria at the Dublin Castle. Impressed by his talent, the mayor of Dublin decided to send Drumm to the United States to play at the St. Louis World Exhibition. Crowned with success, Drumm went on tour throughout the US. Afterwards he moved to New York with his family, where he started out as bandmaster at a theater in the Bronx and as a guest conductor at several theaters on Broadway.

    In 1935 the New York Evening Journal announced him to be the best musician and bandmaster in the U.S. He then began playing his own compositions at various venues, including a concert in 1954 in Central Park, where he also conducted the Marines Band. In 1917 he composed "Hail America" which since 1950 is played during official occasions including the inauguration of the American presidents.