Castle Erlangen
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    Johann de Kalb Memorial, Hüttendorf

    His statue in Camden, South Carolina, reads: “German by birth, cosmopolitan by principle, his love of freedom made him help the citizens of the New World in their fight for independence."

    These words serve as a memory to George Washington’s outstanding companion, Johann de Kalb. Born in 1721 in Hüttendorf near Erlangen, he started a military career very early in life and earned many merits during the seven-year war. In 1767, he was sent to the United States by the French government. He returned again in 1779 to join George Washington and fight for the liberty and independence of America. Johann de Kalb died in 1780 during the battle of Camden. To this day, he is considered one of the precursors for the United States of America. In his hometown, a memorial plate at his parent’s house is set up to honor his life and contributions.