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Monreal near Mayen
Monreal near Mayen ©DZT (Fritz Mader)

    Rhineland's Open Air Museum (Emigration), Kommern

    The Rhenish Open-Air Museum in the small town of Kommern is one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. The focus is on documenting country life as it used to be, featuring farmyards, windmills, workshops and village community buildings, such as a school and bakery, a dance hall and a chapel, – all reconstructed from original buildings from all over the Rhineland area.

    One of the permanent exhibitions, "Brave New World – Rhinelanders Conquer America," tells the story of Johannes Herberts, who emigrated from the Rhine region to the United States. The diaries of his trip provided the script for the exhibition in which scenes come to life. For example, in the dark and cramped space of a reconstructed ship's hull, visitors can experience for themselves the strain of an Atlantic crossing before the era of ocean liners and aircrafts. Up-to-date multimedia stations and an internet café complement the exhibits.