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Blue Toothpaste on toothbrush on blue background
Blue Toothpaste on toothbrush on blue background ©iStockphoto (Rtimages)


    1907 | Ottomar H. von Mayenburg

    The flavor may be a matter of taste, but not the effect. Whether herb, mint or sports gel, at least twice a day toothpaste provides refreshing oral hygiene. The person responsible for healthy teeth is the pharmacist Ottomar von Mayenburg.

    In his Leo Laboratory, a small attic laboratory above the “Löwen-Apotheke” pharmacy in Dresden, he experimented in 1907 with tooth powder, mouthwash and ethereal oils. Von Mayenburg tried to produce a mouth-cleansing paste that guaranteed the best possible protection for teeth if used regularly.

    The result of the experiments is Chlorodont toothpaste. With a little peppermint added for good taste, he filled the paste directly into pliable metal tubes. At the first International Hygiene Exhibition, which was held in Munich in 1911, the Chlorodont toothpaste won a gold medal.

    (Information taken from “German Stars – 50 innovations,” produced by the Federal Foreign Office, the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Invest in Germany, and the Goethe Institut.)