• ©KölnTourismus GmbH (Andreas Möltgen)
  • ©KölnTourismus GmbH (Andreas Möltgen)
  • ©KölnTourismus GmbH (Andreas Möltgen)

City of exuberance


Cologne, Germany's oldest major city, is situated at the very heart of Europe. Traces of its 2,000-year history can be seen everywhere you look, making Cologne what it is today: a buzzing and dynamic urban centre with a unique ambience. Cologne is known for its outstanding large-scale events, a highly developed cultural scene and a remarkable selection of restaurants and cafés. With sights including the cathedral – a UNESCO World Heritage site – and twelve Romanesque churches, Cologne is sure to leave a lasting impression. It also has a multitude of museums and galleries featuring an extensive range of exhibitions – not just about the city's history but also containing modern and contemporary works. Above all else, this exuberant, open and tolerant city on the Rhine is bursting with its own brand of joie de vivre. Come and see for yourself – you are sure to receive a warm welcome!

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