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Munich - city of lifestyle

Art is inspiring – especially in the Munich Art Quarter

World-class collections and a buzzing university quarter provide the basis for an inspiring atmosphere.

The Barberini Faun – this divinely beautiful figure stretched out on a fur skin certainly has the body to be a model – two giggling tourists at the Glyptothek museum of Greek and Roman sculptures – completely captivated by this ancient statue – get their phones out to take a picture.

The Glyptothek is one of 18 museums that, together with 40 galleries and seven academies, form the Munich Art Quarter in the heart of the city. It's a unique place where you can experience 5,000 years of cultural history, from classical antiquity through to the modern day.

At the centre of the quarter between the Pinakotheken and Brandhorst Museum, art lovers flock to see the highlights. The enthusiasm with which the young art experts, or 'Pi.loten', provide information about their favourite exhibits is infectious. When viewing art, you need to take a well-earned break now and then. Through the large front windows of the museum café you can see the quarter's hippest ice-cream parlour; anyone for chocolate and ginger or rose ice cream? Alternatively, you can enjoy a light snack at the museum, especially if you still want to admire the works by Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly.

The Pinakothek der Moderne holds one of the world's biggest collections of 20th and 21st century art and design. A new building next door houses the State Collection of Egyptian Art. In the underground exhibition rooms, the objects on display take visitors into the world of Ancient Egyptian temples and royal tombs. Close to Königsplatz square, you can discover Blue Rider masterpieces and other outstanding 20th century art in the Lenbachhaus gallery with its modern extension.
Munich's Nazi Documentation Centre is scheduled to open on Königsplatz square in late 2014 – a place where visitors can learn about the National-Socialist history and its impact on the city.

With its many photo, art and architecture galleries, the Munich Art Quarter is certainly an inspiring location. A tour of the Maxvorstadt district is an ideal opportunity to soak up the ambience of a buzzing part of town frequented by students: fans of architecture and design can browse the international book store or find interior design bargains in the studio shops. The hip locals love the young fashion labels from the concept store. The snack bar caters for vegetarians and vegans. Students chill out in the pavement cafés, while the luxury Italian restaurant next door serves a three course meal – anything goes here: life is art, and art is life.

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