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Cologne for young people

Considered Germany's television capital, Cologne is also a hotbed for music and home to the country's biggest university. It is a city for young people, with vibrant nightlife, fashionable cafés, ultra-hip shops and a relaxed atmosphere.

With 78,000 students, 2,000 academics and 2,500 research staff, Cologne is one of Germany's leading centres of learning. The University of Cologne is Germany's second oldest and its largest university, but there are also eleven other institutes of higher education in the city, including the Academy of Media Arts and Germany's only sports university. Cologne's many students play their part in the image of a young and dynamic city.

As a media hub, Cologne welcomes Hollywood directors and nurtures the next generation of movie-makers at its excellent film schools – adding remarkable new facets to this historical destination. The numerous TV channels and production companies based here have earned Cologne the international nickname 'Germany's television capital'. Many emerging designers, architects and restaurateurs have also settled in Cologne. What's more, Cologne offers exceptional nightlife and has the highest concentration of bars of any major German city. Over 3,300 pubs, clubs and restaurants will serve you a refreshing kölsch beer.

More than 70 clubs and party venues cater to late-night revellers' every taste – from jazz to reggae, from R&B to techno. Any number of bars, restaurants and brewpubs also offer a great night out. Popular haunts are the old quarter, in and around Zülpicher Strasse and Luxemburger Strasse in Kwartier Latäng (Cologne's student district), near Friesenplatz in Friesenviertel, Chlodwigplatz and Alteburger Strasse in Südstadt, the hip Belgian quarter, the typically Cologne Vringsveedel (Severinsviertel), which features in songs by BAP and Bläck Fööss, the Ringe and the fashionable, multicultural district of Ehrenfeld.

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