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  • Period baroque costumes worn by two ladies and a gentleman walking through the Royal Herrenhausen Gardens
    Festival in the baroque Royal Herrenhausen Gardens © DZT, Herrenhäuser Gärten
  • The beautiful baroque gardens flanking the central courtyard of Bückeburg Palace
    Bückeburg Palace, baroque garden © DZT, Schloss Bückeburg
  • Actor dressed as Pied Piper playing his flute in the open-air re enactment of the Pied Piper story
    Open-air re- enactment of the Pied Piper story in Hamelin © Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
  • Chandeliers, velvet covered guilded chairs, view of the grand banqueting hall in the neo- baroque wind of Bückeburg Palace
    Bückeburg Palace, grand banqueting hall in the neo- baroque wing © DZT, Schloss Bückeburg

New group tours
To the ‘Seven Royal Palaces’ in Germany

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian succession to the British throne, leading group travel specialist German Travel Centre is offering flights to Hanover from Heathrow, Birmingham or Manchester that will link up with locally organised group tours to visit the ‘Sieben Schlösser’ – seven palaces that lie in the Leine and Weser Mountain area of northern Germany.

Royal Heritage

Interior view of the beautiful and ornate chapel at Bückeburg Palace The palace tours to the ‘Sieben Schlösser’ comprise seven palaces that lie throughout the Leine and Weser Mountain area of northern Germany. The palaces provide a rare chance to experience over 800 years of courtly culture, the history of the old and new noble families, from which our own Royal family descend, as well as several different styles of architecture, all set within stunning scenery.

German & British Royal connections

Picture shows the ornate and opulent, paited ceiling of Bückeburg Palace's ballroom The 18th and 19th centuries were periods where German and British royal families became closely entwined with many marriages bringing the two countries closely together. The myriad of outstanding palaces have a special significance for British people; the Royal Heritage route includes castles, palaces, parks and gardens, plus museums and galleries and other beautiful and significant locations. 

Hamelin, a beautiful old town

Pied Piper's House, external view with window boxes of white and red flowering geraniums

Included in the tours is the medieval city of Pied-Piper fame, Hamelin, a beautiful old town and situated at the heart of this palace region, making it the ideal base for the Royal Heritage tours. The famous town of Hamelin is situated about 50 km south west of Hanover and is the state capital of Lower Saxony in the North of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Enrich your visit

German Travel Centre’s group flights to Hanover from the UK can be linked to a great selection of two night ‘Royal Heritage Routes’ that each include visiting some of the palaces. These can be enjoyed in a group and combined for a longer stay in this picturesque part of northern Germany. The only difficulty will be making a choice!

Finding ‘white’ gold and oil tasting

Choose the ‘White Gold & Oil Production’ tour which includes a guided tour of Fürstenberg Palace, where three centuries of porcelain are documented.  Porcelain is the ‘White Gold’ of the river Weser and at Fürstenberg Palace,  the only porcelain museum in Northern Germany, with its breathtaking view over the Weser valley, you can make the most of the special exhibitions, guided museum tours and porcelain workshops  before visiting the Solling Oil Mill for oil tasting.

Upper Weser’s Stylist Eras & Vineyards

Embark on the Stylist Eras & Vineyards tour taking in Corvey Palace founded in 815-822 by Emperor Louis the Pious and the most important cultural heritage site on the upper Weser. Music is inextricably linked with Corvey because of its amazing baroque organ, then onto discovering  Erlebniswelt Renaissance® at Bevern Palace, one of the most prestigious late Renaissance buildings in the valley of the River Weser. This was built in 1603-1612 in accordance with the design of its owner, Statius von Münchhausen.

Noble Family of Guelph & Noble Grain

Beautiful views from the top of Marienburg Castle down to the river Leine Visit the Noble Family of Guelph and indulge in tasting the ‘Noble Grain’ with a tour to the Marienburg Palace, Germany's, most important neo-Gothic historic building (and where Hanover's Royal Family held court). The tour takes you to the Korn distillery for a tasting of the traditional German liquor, Korn, made from grain since 1507. Standing high up on the gentle hills that surround the valley of the River Leine, the views are also spectacular.

Castle Lords & Court Horsemanship

The impressive Bückeburg Palace, a view over the lake and gardens to the main building Join the Castle Lords & Court Horsemanship tour which includes the stunning Bückeburg Palace, Marstallmuseum and Hengstställe (stallion stables) and a demonstration of horsemanship at the Hofreitschule. Bückeburg Palace is surrounded by extensive gardens and parks covering more than 80 hectares (200 acres), all worth seeing if you can tear yourself away from the impressive Great Banqueting Hall or the lavishly ornamented Palace Chapel and the wood carving masterpieces in the Golden Hall.

Of Princes & Barons

Beautiful blooms in the spectacular Pyrmont park On a journey of Princes & Barons is a tour which includes Hämelschenburg Palace, Pyrmont Museum and the spa park Pyrmont Kurpark. Hämelschenburg Palace, part of the von Klencke estate since 1437, houses valuable collections of paintings, furniture, porcelain, glassware and weapons from five centuries. The Pyrmont Museum is part of an impressive complex of fortifications from the 16th century. The popular spa resort gained its reputation as a fashionable place for princely vacations in the 17th and 18th centuries and today is the most spectacular in Germany, with a renowned outdoor palm garden.

What’s included

Group flights to Hanover with German Travel Centre have prices starting from £130 per person, flying from Heathrow, Birmingham or Manchester. The ‘Royal Heritage Routes’ tours are bookable locally with all two night tours inclusive of overnight bed and breakfast accommodation and two evening meals in Hamelin, plus a guided tour of the town and a welcoming appearance by the Pied Piper, followed by any one of the specific itineraries from above.

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