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  • Dresden/Elbe: the city at sunset
    Dresden/Elbe: the city at sunset ©DZT (Dietmar Scherf)
  • Dresden: Theaterplatz Square
    Dresden: Theaterplatz Square ©DZT (Hans Peter Merten)
  • Near Dresden: Pillnitz Upper Palace
    Near Dresden: Pillnitz Upper Palace ©DZT (Torsten Krüger)


The Railtrail brand has been operating quality escorted rail holidays for 35 years. Tour itineraries are full of vibrancy and imagination reflecting their unrivalled knowledge. Tours to destinations and events that only occur occasionally each year and are of no interest to larger companies due to there being no opportunity for multiple departure dates. Railtrail clients consistently say that their Tours always include that unexpected something extra.

The services of a Railtrail offer Tour Managers with a good knowledge of the tour destination. A family sized company where you are classed as an individual person not just a number to reach a sales target.


Railtrail’s brand new ‘German Coastal Steam & Berlin’s Garden Show’ tour includes the regal highlight of Herrenhausen Royal Gardens in Hanover, connected so closely with our own Royal heritage. What’s more, the ‘Saxony Seven Steam & Rail Explorer’ uses funicular railways, steam trains, trams and steamships to uncover the world of the Saxon monarchy, not least Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and twice King of Poland, with visits to Augustusburg Castle, Pillnitz Palace and Moritzburg, as well as a fascinating tour of Dresden.

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in Hanover

Hannover: Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen The Herrenhausen Gardens are an internationally famous ensemble of garden arts and culture that ranks among the most important historical gardens in Europe. Hannover has an exceptional woman to thank for the greatest treasure that the city possesses: the Baroque garden in Herrenhausen was created by Electress Sophie. From its very beginning Georgengarten, laid out in the English landscape style, was intended as a public park and has remained so till today. Berggarten was a mulberry tree plantation for the Elector's silkworm farms. Today it is a treasure house of botanic diversity.

Augustusburg Castle

Brühl: Augustusburg Palace and Garden In Brühl, a small town in the Rhineland, architecture, sculpture, painting and garden design have been brought together to create a first-class work of art. A fine example of a German rococo ensemble, Augustusburg Palace and Falkenlust hunting lodge, along with their baroque gardens, have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1984.

Moritzburg Castle

Near Dresden: Moritzburg Castle Moritzburg Castle is one of the most impressive baroque palaces in central Europe. Reached via a tree-lined avenue, it is situated on an island in the middle of a lake. After visiting the castle, you can enjoy a romantic stroll to the enchanting Fasanenschlösschen (little pheasant castle) built in Rococo style.

Pillnitz Palace

Dresden: Pillnitz stately home and grounds Pillnitz, which now forms a district of Dresden, is a delightful amalgamation of Elbe riverscapes and vineyard scenery, an idyllic park and a trio of unique, fascinating buildings. Set within the picturesque Elbe landscape, the summer residence of the royal court of Saxony blends architecture with landscape design to exceptional effect. The Riverside Palace and Upper Palace were built in the early 18th century and reflect the period's fashion for oriental design. The extensive parkland, which unites the rigid symmetry of the baroque style and the informality of English style landscaped gardens, is home to a much-admired camellia that is over 200 years old. Highlights inside the palace building include the museum of applied arts and the Schlossmuseum of the New Palace.


Dresden: Elbe riverbank There are many ways to interpret or define culture. But it can be easily summarised with just one word: Dresden. The sheer abundance and splendour of the city's cultural treasures are enough to take your breath away. And since Dresden also just happens to be set amidst a stunning river landscape, your amazement is soon accompanied by pure delight. The rich history of this enchanting city goes back centuries but what about the Dresden of today? It is very much alive! Magnificently located in the Elbe Valley, the city is one of the most magical baroque beauties of Europe. With its stunning architecture in the historic old town and its fascinating art treasures, Dresden has a lot to offer. This vibrant city is constantly evolving; while remaining true to itself, there is always something new to discover here.

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