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  • Dresden. Großer Garten park
    Dresden. Großer Garten park © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Pillnitz Palace
    Dresden. Pillnitz Palace © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Semper Opera House
    Dresden. Semper Opera House © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. The baroque Zwinger
    Dresden. The baroque Zwinger © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Bundeswehr Military History Museum
    Dresden. Bundeswehr Military History Museum © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Church of Our Lady
    Dresden. Church of Our Lady © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Procession of Princes
    Dresden. Procession of Princes © Dresden Marketing
  • Dresden. Skyline by night
    Dresden. Skyline by night © Dresden Marketing

Dresden. A Matter of Spirit
Florence on the Elbe. Royal residence of Saxony

The rich history of this enchanting city goes back centuries but what about the Dresden of today? It is very much alive! Magnificently located in the Elbe Valley, the city is one of the most magical baroque beauties of Europe. With its stunning architecture in the historic old town and its fascinating art treasures, Dresden has a lot to offer. This vibrant city is constantly evolving; while remaining true to itself, there is always something new to discover here. Welcome to Dresden!

Dresden. Spotlights on the Essentials

Dresden. The baroque Zwinger

The Royal Palace, Zwinger, Semper Opera House and Cathedral are among Dresden’s best known historical attractions and were all built under the reign of Augustus the Strong. As Elector of Saxony he turned Dresden into a magnificent seat of royal power. The Church of Our Lady and the Pillnitz Palace also date from this architecturally successful period. From the “Balcony of Europe”, the Brühls Terrace, you can watch across the Elbe to both, the baroque and trendy Neustadt area of Dresden and the expensive green floodplains of the Elbe. Dresden is particularly magical from the river! Each day from beneath the Brühls Terrace, ships embark at regular intervals on tours off the city.

Dresden. Always Something Going On

Dresden. Music Festival

Whatever the season, Dresden is never boring! In spring the streets are filled with the sound of Dixie music, before classics take over with the Dresden Music Festival, where international stars and local groups enthral with first class performances. The summer weekends bring rock and pop concerts to Dresden’s beautiful open air stages with the illuminated historic old town as a backdrop. Highly recommended: the Summer Nights of the Dresden Palaces, a fantastic summer festival inviting you to enjoy music, culture and art on stage. In December, the Striezelmarkt and ten other different Christmas markets turn Dresden into a winter wonderland.

Dresden. A Synthesis of Arts

Dresden. State Art Colletctions, Old Masters Picture Gallery, View to Sistine Madonna

With its rich diversity the city is a real treasure chest for visitors seeking art and culture. The offerings stretch from the Baroque period, when Dresden flourished as a city of beauty and art, right up to the present. Great exhibitions, an innovative spirit and a particular passion for exploring extraordinary topics make each visit a real experience. The treasury of the Saxon Electors includes the world famous Sistine Madonna but also scientific phenomena. Art works spanning many centuries are on show at the Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Palace and the Albertinum. Also noteworthy is the Military History Museum and Daniel Libeskind’s impressive architectural creation which houses an extremely interesting exhibition.

Dresden. It’s evergreen here

Green City Dresden

Dresden is extravagantly green. Its largest and most beautiful park, the Grosser Garten, delights with its finely manicured lawns and colourful flower beds, grand boulevards with baroque fountains and eye-catching picturesque sculptures. Follow the road along the Elbe and you will discover more green spaces in romantic settings such as Meissen, home of the world famous Meissen porcelain. And the “Lössnitzdackel”, a historic steam train, will take you from Radebeul to Moritzburg, where the architectural jewel and former hunting lodge of August the Strong, the Baroque castle of Moritzburg, offers one of the best-loved photo opportunities in the region.

Dresden. Castle Moritzburg

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