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  • King George V gave his wife Marienburg Castle for her 39th birthday in 1857 as a symbol of his abiding love.
    Marienburg Castle near Hanover © Schloss Marienburg, EAC GmbH (SMB)

Marienburg Castle – the fairytale castle near Hanover
Experience the love story of King George V

True love is right at home in a castle. There are tokens of a great love everywhere in this authentically maintained summer residence and this castle is like a fairytale. The love which dwells there is a true story – that between Queen Marie and George V, the last King of Hanover.

A symbol of true love

In 1727 in Vienna, Duke August William bought the Augsburgian silver furniture belonging to his Hanoverian cousin Prince Maximilian, which was in danger of being melted down. It can still be seen today at Marienburg Castle. "Once upon a time there was a king who gave his wife a castle with 160 rooms, lookout towers soaring to 30 metres, a chapel and stables." This is how the story of Marienburg Castle begins. Even the name Marienburg Castle preserves for all time the memory of the woman to whom this work of love was once dedicated: Her Majesty, Queen Marie. In 1857, King George V gave his wife Marienburg Castle for her 39th birthday as a token of his abiding love. As construction on the castle began in the same year, no one could yet suspect that this truly royal token of love would one day become one of Germany's most impressive architectural monuments, but fate had other plans. Prior to the castle's completion, the Prussians forced King George V into exile in Austria in 1866, with Queen Marie following her husband a year later. Since 2004, Marienburg Castle has been in the possession of the great-great-great grandson of Queen Marie and King George V, his Royal Highness the Hereditary Prince Ernst August of Hanover. Signs of life have returned to the castle for the first time under his guidance.

In the footsteps of the Royal House of Hanover

King George V gave his wife Marienburg Castle for her 39th birthday in 1857 as a symbol of his abiding love. With its many battlements, towers and turrets, the castle is now a museum with magnificent rooms and a glorious library. Join a tour and retrace the lives of the last Hanoverian king, George V and his wife Queen Marie, immersing yourself in the court life of the nineteenth century. Historical furniture, paintings and rarities of art history from the collection of the Royal House of Hanover are on display. Do stop to admire the Hanoverian crown, along with the sceptre and bridal crown exhibited for the first time since the end of the Kingdom of Hanover at the special exhibition "The Path to the Crown" held on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the personal union.

The castle is also home to first-class concerts in the Knights Hall, along with open-air concerts. The annual programme features numerous events – from jazz and classical music to children's concerts and theatre. The full calendar of events again makes Marienburg Castle that which Queen Marie had always dreamt of: a monument to the power of love and a cultural centre for music and art.

Culinary delights await visitors to the castle restaurant. Hand-forged brass candlesticks set in the old brick walls radiate refined comfort into a room supported by ceiling-high columns. The main tower of Marienburg Castle is open to visitors as part of a tour. From a commanding height of 44 metres, you can take in a breathtaking view of the entire surrounding area; it’s even possible to see all the way to Hanover in clear weather. The castle tour lasts around 30 minutes and costs €3.50.

Fancy retracing the footsteps of the Royal House of Hanover? Then come this way.

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