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  • Rosenau Castle: Where Prince Albert was born
    Rosenau Castle: Where Prince Albert was born © Stadt Coburg

Rosenau Castle near Coburg
Where Prince Albert was born

The romantic Rosenau Castle near Coburg was Queen Victoria’s favourite travel destination. It’s where, in 1819, her beloved husband Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was born and spent the majority of his youth. The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1439 and is located in an enchanting English park out-of-town. It’s one of the most romantic spots with gorgeous parquet floors and wonderful inventory. In the castle’s former orangery, you’ll find the European Museum of Modern Glass Art.

The White Castle of Rosenau

Rosenau Castle: Marble Hall Even today, the renovated Rosenau Castle, which is furnished in the style of Victoria and Albert’s time, is one of the most romantic spots in the whole of the Coburg area. The journey there takes you along a street lined with old chestnut trees. Suddenly the row of trees becomes less dense and a green meadow spread over a hill comes into view. Perched on the hill is the small white castle of Rosenau

When Queen Victoria saw Rosenau Castle

Rosenau Castle: Where Prince Albert was born

When Queen Victoria saw Rosenau Castle for the first time, she took out her sketchbook and painted a watercolour thereof in order that she had a constant reminder of this unique view. Albert spent the happiest days of his childhood in Rosenau. Victoria longed to visit the place, where Albert had frolicked and studied. But it was many years before Victoria and Albert could finally embark on the long journey from England to Rosenau. In spite of its small size, Rosenau Castle was no disappointment for the Queen. “I cannot describe what I feel here – it is a feeling as if I had spent my youth here,” Victoria wrote.

Take a rest near the fountain

Rosenau Castle: English-Style Landscape Garden
Today, visitors to Rosenau Castle can take a rest near the fountain at the castle, just as Albert and Victoria had done some 150 years beforehand on one moonlit night. Although Albert’s family had a large residence in Coburg – Ehrenburg Palace – Rosenau was the family’s rural retreat. Albert’s father, Duke Ernst I, had the original castle, in which there were no more than 20 rooms, renovated in the Neo-Gothic style that was so loved at that time. Victoria enjoyed the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the castle and its surroundings, especially during her walks in the park with Albert. She said at the time, “were I not what I am, this would be my real home.”

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